Thursday, December 14, 2006

deck the halls with boughs of holly..fa la la la laaaaa....i got laid

Overtime Hawg called me last night boohoo'ing about how she was too sick to work today and would I switch with her?
I don't want to refuse to change days when someone is genuinely sick, and since we're heading into
cold/flu season and I might need to switch, I agreed. The dipshit fucker called me at work a few minutes
ago and said, "I don't feel too bad. I really could have worked today."
Wonderful. See how far you get the *next* time you pull the "I'm sick" routine on me.

The repeat of COPS that I watched was one that made absolutely no sense. A cop
stops a car with two chicks and a guy. The guy is driving and he says he "thinks" the car
belongs to his niece and he "thinks" her name is Blah Blah. A few minutes later when the cop asks for his ID,
he casually mentions, "That's my niece in the backseat." A female cop comes along and says to the
chick in the back, "Are you related to him?" She says, "No," and then "He's my uncle."
The cop says, "So you *are* related to him?" And the chick says, "Yes, I didn't understand your question."
THEN the driver says, "I'm not going to lie, she's not my niece. She's really my wife." What a bunch of doofuses.
I always like it when they say "I'm not going to lie" right after they've lied.


Anonymous said...

Dip-shit fucker. Now that has to be an original! Only from The Goddess!

Maybe this will work if I sign-in as OTHER...


Goddess said...

Trust me, I had about four more words that went with "dipshit fucker" but I restrained myself;)

Cherrie said...

Bad coworkers are only slightly less agonizing than bad spouses.

Bad screenwriters are aggravating too, but at least you can change the channel. Or turn off the TV.

Goddess said...

At least with the spouse, the sex helps ya deal with the aggravation..LOL;)