Friday, December 08, 2006

blog on this

Ok here's something that bugs me about Blogger, and I'm going to email them about it and ask if they can change it.

If you have more than one blog, the profile for both of them is the same. So while I have "you must be 18 years old or older to read my blog" on my Blonde Intuition blog--because you know how I sometimes like to yak about sex--that doesn't mean I expect people to be 18 or older to look at pics of Hott Cops. I think there should be a separate little blurb for each blog.

UPDATE: well, damn it. Blogger says you CAN put a separate profile for each blog IF you move them, but I like the fact that I can update both from the same dashboard. It also says I can add by finding the tag <$BlogMemberProfile$> but all it does is add to the existing profile. I want a completely different one.


Bruno said...

To which I'm certain they will reply, "That IS a problem, and we ARE working on it!"

DAMN, I love to use that line!

Goddess said...

Oh, better yet, Bruno, if you look around Blogger, you'll find that there isn't even a place to email them! You have to go through Blogger groups. Screw that. I would if it was a "problem", but it's more of an annoyance, so I'm not willing to go through all that hassle.

Bruno said...

Yeah, I noticed that, too, the "no e-mail" thing. Thought it kinda unusual, and I don't like "groups, either! I, too, prefer to just "put-up" with it, if it only pisses me off 4 out of 10 times!