Sunday, December 31, 2006

another auld lang syne

This pretty much sums it all up....

I keep trying to remember the exact words to my favorite Blues Brothers quote, but I think its something like, "When you bend over I see every bit of Christmas, and when you bend back, I'm looking right into the New Year..."

I was listening to the radio this morning on the way to work, and Dick Bartlett was saying that the author of Three Dog Night's hit "Joy To The World" originally wanted it sung with a "more gospel sound" to it. Jeramiah was a bullfrog? Gospel? I can almost hear it being sung in churches across the land.

CNN was running a story about a farmer who was upset because Muslims wanted the land next to his farm to build a Mosque. He was worried they wanted his land, too. One local was quoted as saying, "It has nothing to do with religion. They can use the building for anything else but a Mosque." Sounds like it has EVERYTHING to do with religion. The funniest part of the entire story, though, was the farmer living on the adjoining property's comment after arranging for pig races. I'm guessing he thought it would be insulting to them. He says he later realized they weren't after his property, but had the pig races anyway because he "didn't want to look like a laughing stock." Yeah, *not having* pig races is what makes you look like a laughing stock....

My MIL is pissed because my SIL (her daughter) bought her a PAPER SHREDDER for Christmas. LOL! She said, "What kind of a gift is that?!" It's great....if you're a gub'ment official.

Excuse me while I go on a rant.
I mention watching The Young and The Restless from time to time on my site.
The soap has a character who comes on from time to time, reeks havoc and then *always* manages
to either cheat death or evade the cops, only to reappear again several years later. The last time
we saw Shelia's character, which sadly was only a few short months ago, she was handing a picture of someone to a
plastic surgeon and telling him it would be his most challenging job yet. Now Shelia has
reappeared looking EXACTLY like another veteran cast member, because, of course, it's said cast member playing a dual role.
Not only does she look exactly the same, but she SOUNDS exactly the same.
She must have had a complete vocal cord overhaul as well as the surgery.
And this is why I think the writers of Y&R deserve a big fat fucking kick in the ass.
They think their viewers are so stupid and so gullible and so loyal that they can toss any garbage at us that they want to and we will continue to watch.
If this crap ass story was a manuscript, it would NEVER get published because it relies totally
on unlikely coincidences to pull it off. Nothing is more frustrating than having to swallow one unbelievable incident after another.


Ron Southern said...

Your Statcounter colors make the numbers illegible to me. Invisible. Are they anything to brag about? All right, be that way, see if i care!

Goddess said...

It sez 16,843 for the last seven months. I prefer my main site stats of 1, 375, 076 hits for the last!

Bruno said...

Much rather hear you rant about Y&R, instead of Oprah, wipin' her ass with Hundred-dollar bills, then givin' them to "HER audience!" Thank God for my radio, when it's "Oprah-Hour!"

BTW, Happy New Year in advance! Six hours, forty-three minutes, and counting, here.....

just me said...

I got sick of soaps after watching Days of Lives resurrect Stephano D'Meira a hundred times. Who did they think he was, Tupac? The man had been exploded, shot, burned, and god knows what else, but he kept on ticking like a timex watch. And all that spy crap! What about the good ole stuff like back-stabbing, adultery, and womanizing. Now, them were the days!

Goddess said...

I remember that, and sadly, Shelia is the Stefano of Y&R. It's the exact same bullshit. She's seen last shackled in a burning building, yet is fine. She's in a mental institution, yet she forced someone else to have plastic surgery to look just like her and put HER in the's unlikely bullshit that is beyond annoying. It's insulting to the viewer's intelligence.