Tuesday, December 19, 2006

and a partridge in a pear tree

Am I becoming a [not so closeted] cynic? CNN was discussing this business about Miss America possibly losing her crown because of inappropriate behavior. She has ALLEGEDLY been using drugs, swapping tongue with Miss Teen USA in public and cancelling appointments. CNN was suggesting that Donald Trump was going to strip her (no pun intended) of her crown after having a "meeting" with her this morning. As soon as I saw this, I thought, "uh huh, she's going to go in there, turn on the water works, then give him a big ole bj/hot fuck and retain her crown."
Hey, I'd certainly require oral sex and a good hard boffing if *I* were in charge of the Mr. America contest!
Oddly enough, she retained her crown. One can only assume she's persuasive.
Interesting that he talked with her "for a pretty long time." LOL. I love Trump's opening lines:
"In the case of Tara, she made some very, very bad choices. Some foolish choices.
And she will readily admit she made mistakes. Some of those mistakes were bad mistakes. "
Oy vey. Yet another graduate of the George Bush School of Public Speaking.

I was listening to Family Feud today--can't help it, the boss watches it every day!
The question was: "give me a phrase with the word 'devil' in it." The guy immediately
says "The Devil in Miss Jones." LOL! *Somebody* knows his porn!

Everytime I see Beth Grant as Jimmy Hughes' mother on "Yes, Dear," I think of Overtime Hawg. She looks just like her. Right down to the rolled up hair. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture of her online in character.

Great. Just great. The lastest insurance crash test results are out and there are
two "small cars" that have THEE WORST crash ratings. Guess what one of them is? The Kia Rio. Sigh. Proof once again that Koreans DO NOT care about our safety!! That is so hard for me to believe.

And what is up with that lazy ass Time Magazine picking
us as "Person of the Year". Puhleeze. It must have been one hell of a slow year.


Mushy said...

Well, we, as bloggers, are connected- kinda sorta.

I just wish we had won a damn prize or something!

Didn't even put my old 25peeps picture on the cover or nuttin'!

Goddess said...

Yeah, where's the money that goes along with the joy of being named Person of the Year? Pffft....

Cherrie said...

Did I miss something? Donald Trump bought Miss America? I'd much rather get it on with Miss Teen USA (whoever she is) than him . . .