Sunday, December 10, 2006

and on christmas eve you'll jingle just like you were brand new

Yay! I'm stoked! Guess what the "word of the year" is? TRUTHINESS!!!
And guess who coined that word? Why none other than sexy, hottie STEPHEN COLBERT!!
Words are much easier to learn when their creator is a stud.
(Ok, I just made that up....but only because it's true!)
Now if I can just get those dictionary people to recognize MY word: "fakeabetize," which recognizes the practice of making up your own damn words!

I was walking into Wally World at 6:30 this morning--once again NO GREETING FROM THE DAMN GREETER!!
How hard is it to say "good freaking morning" when you get PAID to say "good freaking morning"?! Sigh.
I got up bright and early to do my shopping so I could avoid women with screaming,
unruly kids--like mine--and because I knew none of my offspring would be awake that early.
[Apparently their internal clocks don't have any A.M. hours on them.]
I spent a lovely $135 in less than a half hour, and I picked up
some lovely thermal mu-mus. Who knew they came in thermal?!
I also picked up a Christmas deputy/sheriff cowboy romance novel. The only
thing better than a Christmas cowboy romance novel is a Christmas lawman/cowboy romance novel.

Speaking of shopping, I need to know if I'm the only one who does this. Ladies, when you
buy a new hat or coat or boots that you're particularly fond of, do you wear them in the
house the day you get them? I bought one of those cool soft black hats for winter
and I've been wearing it all day. Now here's the strange part: all Mr. G said was, "Nice hat" like it's not the least bit
unusual to see a woman wearing a winter hat on a 50° day.
When Mr. G gave me my faux fur winter coat a few years back, I was so
enamoured with it that I wore it inside Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day. Does anybody else do this?
Everytime I see a celeb on a talk show wearing a leather jacket, I think, "I'll bet they just got that new and can't take it off..."

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