Friday, December 15, 2006

all is calm, all is bright

The last few days I've been witness to a horrifying phenomenon: me not having much to say.
Here's hoping this unnatural condition comes to a speedy end.

"Rudolph, your problem is you're decking halls with holly you don't have."
Jon Stewart imitating Dr. Phil, after showing him at the White House for a Christmas ceremony

Our tax dollars at work.

Damn it. That dog leads a more exciting life than I do.
The Barney Cam made jackasses out of the folks at the
White House as it was, but when the folks at the Daily Show added to it, it was hilarious.
I can't find it on the web, but it's running on today's show.

The new fridge at work is driving me nuts. The boss got one of those ice crushers with it
and it's not until you see one some appliances in action that you know what to look for if you
want one for yourself. The first thing I noticed is that there is NOT a drainage tray under the ice/water
dispensing thingy, just a small removable tray. It might seem like a small thing, but it means you
have to clean up any spilled water or ice chips, of which there is plenty. And speaking of ice chips, the second
thing I noticed is ice flying all over the damn floor when you use the "chip" feature.
The whole section is not set into the door far enough so any overflow goes
right down the front of the door or onto the floor. I've even tried shielding the top of the glass
with my hand as it's filling, but it doesn't help much. It's always lovely when an appliance creates more work.

They showed pics of the growing baby Panda from the Atlanta Zoo this morning on CNN. She is so sweet.
It's hard to believe that cute fuzzy little butterball will turn into a dangerous animal.


Anonymous said...

What a piece of shit that Barney Production is. It's so bad I could have used it the other night when I couldn't get to sleep and then again when I couldn't stay asleep. Although, Karl Rove is just as convincing when he's acting as he is when he's not, right? Right?



Goddess said...

Barney is more exciting than Bush...LOL;)

Mushy said...

Apparently they are dangerous enough - we keep catching them and putting them into zoos.

Bruno said...

Well, you already know MY take on what 'fridges could be used for when they conk-out!

Comments work again, don't they?