Saturday, November 04, 2006

you might think i'm crazy for the crazy things i do

I saw a brief snippet of interview this morning on CNN with Rev. Ted Haggard. He was in the car with his wife and three of his children.
First of all, I felt it was inappropriate for the media to be questioning him in front of his kids and secondly,
you could just see the pain in his wife's eyes. My heart goes out to the women in the middle of these sorts of messes.
What bothers me about the entire incident is the way the good Reverend continues to pile lie on top of lie.
The truth will come out and people will respect you more IF you tell the truth right from the start, instead of making matters worse.

I love the new commercial for the Jitterbug phone. The idea is that it's just a basic, simple to use cellphone,
consisting of a large number pad and little else. The guy in the commercial says, "And I don't need a big
manual to understand how to use it." Then the voice over guy says, "Special operators standing by 24 hours
a day to help you." If it's so damn easy to use, why do we need "special" operators hanging around 24/7?

Ok this is just too freaky. WW and I chat alot in IM and lots of time she'll mention a song she likes or a commercial she's seen.
For instance, she was telling me about the new drunk driving ad, that I hadn't seen and a few minutes later,
I saw it on tv. The other night I was telling her how much I liked those Happy Cow ads and she said she liked the "Marco!" "Polo!" one.
It came on tv a within the half hour. Yesterday she was talking about Bruce Springsteen's version of "Pink Cadillac".
I was driving to work this morning and the damn song came on the radio. I could not believe it. I haven't heard that song in eons.
What are the chances of that happening?! The song was popular in the 80's, for pete sake.

Any Mad Tv viewers out there? Everytime I see the character, Ms. Swan, by Alex Borstein, I have
to wonder: is she supposed to have Down's Syndrome or is she Chinese? For the life of me, I can't figure that character out.

In lieu of all these dire snowflake warnings, Mr. G put the studded tires on my Rio this week. When I picked the car up at the garage,
the owner came out, and said in an awe inspired tone of voice, "You got some beautiful tread on those tires."
Hell, I half expected him to reach down and stroke himself. Having someone covet my tires was quite the heady experience. I wanted to drag out my DuraPro Zip Start and tease him into a hard on with it.

I read that the gub'ment shut down a website it started that contained information on how to build an atom bomb.
I believe the URL was myspace.georgebush/ Hee haw.

The story on Oprah caught my eye yesterday. (The main story, not the whole "taxpayers in an uproar" bullshit.) It concerned a young woman who murdered her infant and her bf tossed the body into a quarry.
Six years later the body was discovered, and they were found out and put in jail. What really got to me about this story was
when the girl said that her boyfriend would sit on her stomach so that it wouldn't look distended as her
pregnancy progressed. All I could think was "what a stellar gentleman *he's* going to be."
What a difference a supportive S.O. makes.
When she first came to him and told him she was pregnant, instead of vowing they would tell no one and killing the baby, had he encouraged
her to tell, had he assured her they would work through it together, I'm confident neither of them would be sitting in prsion today.
In no way do I condone what she did. She took the "easy" way out, too. I feel so sad when I read stories like this because so many people
want babies, and since when is it easier to murder a child than it is to drop it off at a hospital or a police station?
Girls panic when they find out they're pregnant because the major changes happen to them. It's up to the boyfriend, the guy who thought he was mature enough to have sex in the first place, to step up to the plate and help her through it.


Anonymous said...

Miss Bunny Swan.


Goddess said...

LOL...thanks for clearing that up, Lilly. I'm thinking that is the WORST Asian imitation I've ever seen! I seriously thought she had Downs Syndrome.