Saturday, November 18, 2006

what would you say

Good news on the elf front. When I checked the voting, they said it was "too close to call".
Last time I checked that dofus Brian was leading.
They're going to announce the winner on Thanksgiving Day. Rest assured, I will keep you
updated because I know you're probably all on the edge of your seats wondering if Maddy won.
BTW, Mushy, I checked and you can "opt of" of receiving Big Lots emails and they PROMISE not to sell your email addy. Hey, if you can't trust big business, who can you trust?

I LOVE the way Judith Regan is suddenly saying this whole book deal with OJ was a set up to get him to confess. Only a pea brain would believe he's innocent to begin with, so who really cares?
If this IS the case, why didn't she say this to begin with? Why say it after the families and the media came down on her ass for publishing this book?
I'm having a very hard time believing her story about how this deal is for "battered women everywhere."

My favorite line from Jeopardy last night was when Alex said to Jolie Fisher, "You have no cash and you're in the lead...."

Mr. G called me at work last night and asked me to pick up a few things at the store on the way home. I stopped at the convenience store and a guy came up to me and said, "Twenty five bucks for sex." I said, "Dude. I'm not giving you $25 for sex. I get it for free at home."
He said, "No, I'm gonna give you $25 for sex."
There was a cop standing near the coffee pot and I said,"Officer, this guy just offered me $25 for sex."
He said, "Do you want to press charges?"
I said, "Press charges?! Hell, no. I'm so thrilled, I'm putting this in my Christmas newsletter. Oh, this is going right in my blog!"

I "tried" to watch Moulin Rouge yesterday, but I pretty much had no idea what I was watching for the first 15 minutes.
Thank God for the internet and people who post synopsis' and spoilers.
I think Madonna would have played Satine better than Nicole Kidman, though.
IMHO, Madonna has a more earthy sexiness about her, while Nicole always seems so cool and distant.
After watching this, I have decided that as a writer, I need to be drinking more and indulging myself with male whores.
I'm just not a writer otherwise. Ron, what say you? You were a paid writer, did you indulge in whores? (I don't care about the booze, I just wanna hear about the whores...)

Forget TMX Elmo. I heard on the news that someone bought a $600 Playstation
and sold it for NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS on eBay. How stupid. If you can afford to pay 9k for a lousy $600 Playstation,
why the HELL wouldn't you offer to pay someone ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS to stand in line for you to buy one?!
I'm thinking a LOT of people would do it for half that amount.

Well, who knew. Remember I told you that Female Offspring #5 was driving me crazy with her Gem Magic,
rhinstone-ing everything in sight, including my underwear?
Well, she bought one of those gadgets that allows you to put rhinestones in your hair
and she's made a lot of money, putting "jewels" in the fur of all of the dogs in the trailer court.

Bush said, "We'll succeed in Iraq if we don't quit." Now I hope you people are smart enough to pick up
on the fact that "don't quit" is NOTHING like "stay the course."
They're two totally different ideas.

I heard an advertisement for Nancy Grace's show yesterday. It said, "Nancy Grace is in Florida searching for Trenton Duckett."
Geez, Louise. They make it sound like Nancy is stomping through the Everglades with hip waders on.


Mushy said...

Just got back from taking my wife to Big Lots (of cheap crap) and read you comment - no thanks, I don't need their spammy email, I probably know what's on the cheap better than they do I'm there so much!

...and fix that "," above the flaming heart - you know I'm a neat freak!

Goddess said...

Damn. You MUST BE a neat freak! I never even saw that before.

But I have no idea where it even came from. That's in my profile section, but nothings showing up there. And nothing is extra in my links above it either....hmmm. Ron? Where are you?

Goddess said...

No! I found it! I had an end quote comma.

Goood thing I don't have to dust and polish my site...LOL;)

Bruno said...

I AIN'T ON BETA, YET! Until somebody shows me a REAL advantage there, I'm stayin' with "Plain Jane" here! Nothin' else, other than to just let you know I passed on through, like a turd in a drain-pipe!

Goddess said...

I know you're not, but hearing you and Ron discussing this makes me want to stock up on the KY....

Bruno said...

Always glad to be of service to a Goddess! KY is ok, just don't use the "warm, soothing version" for THIS particular application! Of course, I know you ain't gonna let this opportunity for further comment pass quietly.........!

Goddess said...

After that warming comment, words fail me,;)