Wednesday, November 22, 2006

wednesday lowdown

"Oh, happy day!
When Gateway called..
Oh, happy day!
to have my part installed..."

The repair dude is coming on Saturday to fix my sweet, little laptop. Let's all have a moment of positive silence and send him (and my laptop) good vibes.
All week I've had to do disgusting things like read and work crossword puzzles to keep my brain from turning to sugar free jello. I'm TIRED of having to use my brain all day because my laptop isn't here to do my thinking for me. And I've totally lost touch with all my IM buddies, too! WW could have graduated by now! South could have married two more women! Alex could have lost his virginity...oh, never mind. Just yakked with him earlier this evening and he never mentioned it.

Wow. Could Rosie O'Donnell have made a bigger deal over nothing calling Kelly Ripa's comment to Clay Aiken homophobic? Kelly and Clay were interviewing Emmett Smith and Kelly was yakking so much Clay couldn't get a word in edgewise, so he put his hand over her mouth momentarily. She said, among other things, "Uh uh, I don't know where that hand has been." Rosie insisted that if Clay had been a good looking straight guy, Kelly wouldn't have gone there. Kelly said it was "unprofessional" of Clay. Hmm, I wonder if monopolizing the conversation in an interview is "unprofessional"? I agree 100% with Kelly. A grown person shouldn't shush anyone by putting their hands over the person's mouth. We DON'T know where it's been.
Anywho, I think Rosie is one of these militant lesbians who "takes offense" at any slight she perceives and/or conjures up just so she can put on a good show for the gay community. We get it, Rosie, you're gay. Too bad we don't give a shit.

ET has yet another good looking person dressing up like a fat chick to get public reaction. But I like the commercial. The chick says, "I am a BLOB." BUT she'll be the first person boo hoo'ing because OTHER PEOPLE said insensitive things to her. I roar with laughter everytime I *see* them crying about it because I think "hey, stupid, you're wearing a damn costume! it's not your life!"

I saw a little of Bush's speech to some younger members of the Girl Scouts this morning during the annual "turkey pardoning". He was blathering on and on, forgetting that kids have short attention spans and no interest in politics.

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