Wednesday, November 01, 2006

wasted away again in margaritaville

Color me a happy camper! The new water heater has been installed and is working perfectly!!
It only took them an hour and forty five minutes, AND they didn't charge me anymore than
the original quote. You know how they tend to 'add' stuff as they're working.

When I asked Bugs if the Flava Fla kid was wearing the clock, she said, "Clock, opera horns,
sunglasses.....the whole nine yards. And the kid was white......which I thought was interesting."
You know all those white boys want to be black rappers. It's why we had to
suffer through Vanilla Ice........until he decided to grow up and face the fact that he was white and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it.

Damn. I can't believe it's November already!

I don't know who is responsible for the talking Happy Cow ads for Real California Cheese, but the ads are great. There hasn't been a lame one in the bunch.

Bugs writes: "I am saddened to inform you that this evening we saw a little kid (about 10) dressed as Flava Flav.
We now return you to your chocolate- infested holiday."
LOL! Now *that* would be frightening. Was he wearing that ridiculous clock around his neck?

I was listening to Forensic Files last night while waiting for the Tuesday night COPS marathon. Damn. Talk about an icky case.
A guy was fighting with his gf and he had a knife in his hand. He said he "accidentally" slit her throat. Ok, I *might* have bought that, BUT
he then proceeded to cut off her head and --this is where it gets REALLY gross--he pulled out all of her teeth so they wouldn't be
able to positively identify her body, and he skinned her. He pretty much gutted her like an animal that's been hunted.
Why would you have that sort of reaction if the killing had been an accident?
Can you imagine living with a person and having a child with
them, never knowing the type of violence they're capable of? Seems almost impossible.
And how could you do that to someone who HAS had your child and shared a life with you? That's insane.
They found her skull and they tried to identify her by using the roots of two wisdom teeth that were embedded in her gums.
When that didn't work, they drilled five holes into the skull and removed dna from the bones inside.
They were looking for mitochondrial DNA that is found in both men and women, but only passed on by the mother.
They then compared what they found with the deceased's daughter's DNA and it matched.


frhe sjgg said...

How horrifically sad....

Maybe it can be an "accident" when the jury gives him a death penalty sentence...

Anne Elizabeth

Goddess said...

One can only hope....