Wednesday, November 29, 2006

too many chiefs and not enough indians

Ok, what store had the deer in all white lights on sale? You know, the deer standing next to the tree in all white lights? Good freaking grief. They're in just about every yard in my hood! I'm starting to feel so left out, I might have to steal
one deer from two different yards and a tree from another yard to complete MY set.

Zal pointed out that I did not include The Chipmunk Christmas song on my list. That is because I am disgusted by
the fact that poor Alvin gets yelled at constantly. It's obvious from listening to that song that Alvin has ADD.
Frankly I'm surprised he's not the poster chipmunk for Ritalin.

I was perusing the web for unusual gifts for my upcoming 12 Gifts of Christmas article, and I found this site for pheromone perfume.
What struck me as extremely hilarious, though, was the fact that you get a "free Peruvian finger puppet"
with every order over $50. Sign me up! A girl can NEVER have too many Peruvian finger puppets!

I started to watch My Boys on TBS last night and I have a question: must EVERY new show be narrated?
I sat through two half hour episodes and that was about 59 minutes too much.


Bruno said...

I don't know about any pheromone perfume, with free Peruvian finger puppets, but I do have some vintage OFF! insect repellent left here, and I got a free fly-shooter with it---!

Goddess said...

There's that romantic in you struggling to get out again...