Sunday, November 05, 2006

sunday moanin'

I saw a picture of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills in today's paper. They were attending an event together.
McCartney said that he has no grudge with his estranged wife, "despite acrimonious divorce proceedings." I believe that's manspeak for "she's still blowing me..."

I love my Sunday mornings! On the way to work, I was listening to Dick Bartlett's oldies show and he played

several of my favorite oldies, one right after the other: "Windy," "Little Bit O'Soul," "Have You Seen Her?"and "Dizzy" by Tommy Rowe.
They also mentioned that Tommy began his music career by writing little poems. Interesting. Perhaps when I finish my song for Dan Davis,
it will catapult me into an entirely new career. Lord knows I need one.
I thought about the song "Have You Seen Her?" by the ChiLights (sp?) and I had to laugh. Can you imagine walking around asking
people if they've seen your chick? That's pretty damn sad. Besides, that's what milk cartons were invented for.

I loved Sunday's Get Fuzzy strip. Fuzzy convinced Satchel he was eating his waffle because "so many people wanted to kill" Satchel,
and he would be his official food tester. Fuzzy goes on to say, "Relax. I'm here. If anyone did poison it, rest assured
I will beat them like a crying child in a department store."

I can recall getting an adult mag years ago, Adult Cinema or Cinema Something and in the last pages of the
magazine, they'd have pics taken from Chinese or Japanese porn. It always consisted of bondage type
stuff where the chicks were bound and gagged, and looked far from orgasmic. They looked downright miserable.
Ever since then, I've held a vision of Asian men as rather unfeeling, kinda twisted people.
I'm sure there are lots of nice Asians, but it's difficult not to get a certain impression of them through images.
In yesterday's Parade magazine, they talked about a new business in China where the
patrons pay to smash glasses, and scream and punch the waitstaff. It's called the Rising Sun Anger Release Bar and the
waiters are young men who wear protective gear and have completed physical training. For an extra fee, the customers can request
that the waiter dress up like a particular person." So they're basically using these people as human punching bags.
None of which does anything to change my original negative opinion.

Don't read this next part while eating breakfast...or dinner. A police officer in El Cerrito, California, came upon a naked guy masturbating near a nature path. He was lying on a tree stump and orginally they thought the only charge was indecent exposure.
(May I just say that if he had a small penis, he should also be charged with "being a big disappointment to women everywhere?")
When they asked him if he was carrying anything they should be concerned about, he admitted to having a 6 inch metal awl.....UP HIS ASS.
It was wraped in black electrical tape (at least they "think" it was the tape that was
and police said the dude removed it "without incident.

Every evening when we walk, there's another couple who walk about the same time.
They look like they're in their 60's, but everytime they walk, they hang all over each other. Literally.
I have no idea how long it takes them to walk the block, but I'm guessing from the way they move, it pretty much fills up their entire evening.
Anywho, last night we came
home from our walk and Mr. G said, "You know who I didn't see tonight? That glued together couple."
I said, "WHO?"
He said, "You know that couple that looks like they're joined together at the hips."

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frhe sjgg said...

Happy Sunday Goddess !

Yeah, that Paul McCartney/Heather Mills thing is ugly...

And that ba in Japan ? Yuck.

Snicker on the small penis comment...

Hope you and Mr. G had a good walk last night -- and the old couple are okay --

Anne Elizabeth