Tuesday, November 21, 2006

she is electric, can i be electric, too?

When I dragged my sorry ass home from work yesterday, Mr. G said, "So, Honey, how was Day 2 with no laptop?"
I said, "I feel like I have been plunged into total darkness while all around me are basking in the warm sunlight."
He said,"Well, glad to see it's not bothering you." Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
I am happy, though, that I stored my Hott Cops pics on a third party site. I kept thinking that maybe I should just upload them using Blogger's pic thingy, and keep them on my hard drive, but now I'm glad I didn't. At least this way I have access to them, via my desktop.

Monday morning on the way to work, a woman in blind people glasses pulled out in front of me. Blind people glasses are those big wrap around ones you see that make you glad the person is in front of you and not driving behind you.

While Happy Feet professes to be a kid's movie, I hear it's not all goodness and light. Lots of small kids are afraid of the "nasty birds" and the story is apparently a tad dark for them. Hmm, sounds like every Disney story I've ever seen. Why they think kids aren't going to be frightened by movies in which small animals are separated from their parents is beyond me. I do LOVE the commercial for Happy Feet though that's a take off of Bond. The announcer says, "The world needs a new hero...he's licensed to chill." LOL!

Speaking of commercials, I like the one that's currently pimping coins for coin collectors. They encourage people to give the coin collector in their life "genuine coins from the U.S. Mint." Is this commercial really necessary? I mean what *would* you give a coin collector? Coins from Chucky E. Cheese?

I'm so glad the FOX show with OJ has been cancelled, as has his book. Sadly his book cracked the Top 20 on Amazon.

Congrats to Nintendo for making PLENTY of Wii Playstations available to it's customers, unlike Sony, which manipulated the release of it's PS3's, deliberately creating a demand it didn't intend to meet. BTW, it's the Wii that I saw a presentation of on CNN featuring the tennis game, not the PS3.

This is the difference between having money to burn and not having money to burn: the boss called the refrigerator repairman because it was running loud. Hell, mine could be running upstairs, and I wouldn't call. I didn't realize this but the guy said the companies are making fridges all in one sealed unit. In other words, there's no fan or compressor on the outside of the fridge, it's all sealed inside. He said that no matter what went on it, he wouldn't be able to repair it. She'd have to buy a new one. THEN he charged her $52 for the three minute pleasure of telling her it was running louder because it was older.


bugs said...

I was listening to the Moviefone guy on the radio the other morning and he likened Happy Feet to "March of The Penguins the Musical on acid."

Fathairybastard said...

One of the scariest things I saw as a kid (before I saw the Christopher Lee Dracula flicks that is) was the scene in Wizard of Oz where the flying monkey men attack, grab Dorothy and rip up the scarecrow. Sheeesh.

Bruno said...

Hell, I start to worry when mine doesn't make noise! Sealed, no maintenance units, huh? Well hoo-ray for technology! If they were just a little bigger, we could convert 'em into insulated winter shit-houses!

Goddess said...

Bugs, did you see March of the Penguins? I think it's going to be on Hallmark Channel over Christmas.

I never realized how scary the Wizard of Oz was, FHB. I think all the singing and dancing took the sting out of it for me;)
The funny thing is that I never "got" the deeper message of the movie until I was much older. I just thought it was a good old sing along about a chick who conked her head...

Only problem with that Bruno, is once the door shuts on ya, it's a might hard to get back out;)

bugs said...

We did see it, we took Da Buglet. Lemme tell ya...there was way more death in it than we were prepared for.

Bruno said...

Whaaat? Did they outlaw MAGNETIC doors now, too?

Goddess said...

Bugs, is there dialogue in that movie? Or is it silent with music? I've seen commercials for it and there hasn't been a bit of dialogue.

bugs said...

Wait....are you talking about Happy Feet or March of the Penguins?

March of the Penguins is narrated by Morgan Freeman and IIRC, there might be a few humans that made it on camera, but otherwise, its just Morgan. And a buncha fozen birds....sorta like the grocery store around this time of year.

Goddess said...

Oooh, ok, I thought March was like Happy Feet, with celeb voices. I didn't realize it was just Morgan Freeman.

Did da Buglet like it? And did all the bloody killings hold his attention;)

bugs said...

Well, it was one of the first movies that we took him to, so...he seemed okay with it. I do remember the theatre was packed with kids and old people....lotta old people.

And there were no bloody killings...the mama and daddy penguins make this trek and the mammas lay the eggs, and then the daddys must keep them warm while the mammas trek all the fucking way back to where they came from in order to get food or something, and while the mammas are gone, some of the daddies moved, and the eggs moved and the eggs cracked open and the baby birdies froze to death. Fuckin sad.

If I was to put it on TV now, I don't think it would hold his attention at all.