Sunday, November 26, 2006

the seat of heat

I'm wondering how many times Michael Richards is going to have to apologize before it will stick? He's already apologized on Letterman now he's apologized on Jesse Jackson's program.
Granted, he was wrong. But one sincere apology is enough. Richards' publicist doesn't help matters either by saying Richards' comments
"opened up a terrible racial wound in our nation". If Michael Richards wielded that much influence, he'd be a huge celebrity. Let's face it, now that Seinfeld's over, you never see the man. I have more respect for celebs who say, "I've apologized once and I won't apologize again." The media has a way of milking situations such as these, and people have to take a stand, refusing to be whipped over and over for their mistakes.

Bugs' writes: "XmasDeflatedCount! - three times today.
XmasInflatedCount! - three times today.
The spotlight has gone out twice.
Gleefully enjoying your neighbor's pre-holiday frustration: priceless!"
LOL! You're feeling their pain ..... and loving every minute of it! With all the inflating and deflating, methinks they should have gotten a better quality carousel.

Remember last year when I said I had emailed the Oprah show and complained that no one in the viewing audience
had a chance to receive any of her "favorite things" and that I felt the entire thing was unfair?
I'm guessing I wasn't the only one because this year, she's having an online sweepstakes
in which she will be giving away her favorite things, worth over four thousand dollars, so git yer asses over there and register!
BUT I *am* going to bitch that she's only giving the prizes to ONE person. Sigh. Peepy steps, kids. Peepy steps.

If you love Christmas movies as much as I do, and really, who doesn't? Don't forget about ABC Family Channel's 25 Days of Christmas, starting December 1st.
They also have a daily sweepstakes beginning on the 1st and you must register every day to play.
The upside is that they've had pretty decent prizes the last few years. Downside is I haven't won...YET. I'm feeling lucky this year.
I KNOW this is the year I'll win lots o'prizes and get that Chrissy doll!!
Dell usually runs a holiday promotion, too, so I'll keep an eye out for that and let you know. Last year they gave away that Cadillac Escalade full o'electronics, which somehow managed to miss my driveway.
Speaking of cheesy holiday movies, don't forget to check my cheesy holiday movie review page. I have over 60 movie reviews and I add each year.

I was reading a story about Rachel Ray in the Enquirer, and I don't know if it's true or not but they said that her husband
has a spitting fetish. He likes chicks to spit in his face and I guess he masturbates to that. They also said he pays chicks to rub their feet on his cock.
They said it has been going on ever since he married Rachel and that she had no idea it was happening. Does anybody know if they're divorced?
What's comical to me is that they showed a picture of the woman Ray's husband paid to spit on him and she's like, "I hope he gets the help he needs."
Puhleeze. She admitted in the story that there were times she totally lived on what he paid her, so, in turn, she screws him over for moola from the Enquirer.
It's fairly evident she doesn't give a shit about anything but cash, so the faked up sympathy was rather funny.
I know that celebs vehemently deny any story that appears in the rag mags, but I tend to think there's more truth to them than lies.

I saw a sign the other day that read, "A smile is the perfect gift, personal and encouraging." WRONG.
A two carat diamond anniversary band from Littmans is the PERFECT gift. How many times do we have to cover this?!

I had to quickly drag Female Offspring #8 out of the store last night. Male Offspring #3
showed her candy called "Reindeer Noses" and told her they were the "real thing". Sigh.
She started crying and screaming about Santa not being able to come on Christmas
because Rudolph couldn't smell his way to our trailer. I assured her our trailer reeks and even without a nose, Santa could easily find his way here.
All he has to do is follow the white trash road...

I am busy writing the Annual Goddess Family Christmas letter, which I will post here when I complete this work of art.
Let's see what happened this year: two pregnancy scares with the Female Offsprings, three arrests,
Male Offspring #1 *almost* became a daddy then I kicked him out of the trailer ofr not having a job,
Male Offspring #5 had to be forcibly removed from Jesus camp because his excessive Jesus-osity was annoying the other campers (how sad is THAT?!),
Male Offspring #4 had his Big Ball O'Twine pics stolen and my co-workers continue to annoy the crap out of me.
Not exactly a wealth of happy material now is it? Don't worry.
I can put a good spin on a murder, if need be. "XXXX wasn't quite prepared to move on, but now that he has, he is extremely happy in his new place!"


Bruno said...

Thanks for bringin' that up about Michael Richards! I agree, how many times must he kiss-up to atone for his "sin"? And I'm sick and tired of them referring to "the N-word"! And, for the record, I don't associate NIGGER with blacks, only: I know many white "niggers", most of them are, convieniently, my wifes' WHITE family! And I didn't say IN-LAWS, either!

Goddess said...

What aggravates the hell out of me is that black people call each other "nigger" all the time. Listen to the rap songs and see how many times they toss that word around as if it's A-O.K.