Saturday, November 25, 2006

return of the mack

I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! On my laptop that is!!!
*color me incredibly HAPPY*

In case you're interested and I'm sure you all are, Jay whopped up on me in Celeb Jep. The final score was $233, 900 for Jay and $223, 700 for moi. I was surprised at how smart Michael McKean aka Lenny of Lenny & Squiggy was and surprised by how little Martin Short seemed to know. Martin took every question in the Gub'ment section even though it was evident, he knew none of the answers. Why he wasted everyone's time--epecially mine cuz I was at least smart enough to admit I knew NOTHING--was beyond me.

Wow. I don't know who the dairy industry has hired to do their marketing campaigns, but they need to give them a raise. First we were told that milk "did a body good", and despite the fact that we have incredibly high numbers of people with osteoporosis, milk supposed makes our bones strong. (LOL! That's so stupid, it's funny.) THEN we were told that eating so many portions of dairy each day would help us lose weight, despite the fact that milk has tons of sugar in it and cheese has tons of fat in it. Now we're being fed a bill of goods that tells us dairy will lower our blood pressure. Why dairy SEEMS to lower your blood pressure is because it contains a lot of potassium, calcium and magnesium, the three ingredients that are crucial to keeping bp under control. Of course it would serve you better to just TAKE calcium, magnesium and potassium supplements, but the dairy people would have you think getting all those unneeded calories is the best way. Like I said, I don't know who is doing their marketing, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to hear them say drinking milk keeps you from getting cancer. Lord knows it SEEMS to do everything else.

I saw a news report this week about the undercover cops who killed an elderly woman in Atlanta while serving
a warrant at her house. The old, frail, pitiful woman wounded three narcotics agents and yet her niece was outraged that they fired back, killing her.
I guess cops should stop and take into consideration the age of the person shooting at them before they return fire.
After all, how much damage could one old woman with a loaded weapon cause?

I was reading a Good Housekeeping mag at work on Thanksgiving--hey, I SAID I was freaking bored!--and I had to laugh at Wynonna Judd's logic. She talked about losing some weight and how she wanted to reach the women in her audience who feel invisible and are ignored. THEN she went on to say she was designing a line of clothing that would go to size L, but was NOT a full sized line of clothing. Just what the size 3 women of the world need....another celeb clothing designer. And so much for Wy wanting to reach that woman that feels invisible. I found it really ironic that a full sized woman would discriminate against other full sized women by not making clothing they can wear. Who would better know what sort of clothing a larger woman wants than a larger woman?

Ok, I have a question for all of you. Now I'm going to ASSume you are ALL good tippers, say in the 15-20% range
IF service warrants. Now if you tip that much in a full service restaurant, do you also tip that much in a restaurant like Ryan's Steakhouse
where all they do is bring you rolls and your drink? I NORMALLY do, but I have this argument with FO #1 and Mr. G all the time.
They think I should only leave like $2 or $3 no matter how much the meal costs at Ryans because the waitress
doesn't do that much. I was ready to leave a nickel tip on Thanksgiving because she brought our drinks like 20 minutes
after we started eating and the restaurant wasn't that busy because there was only an hour until closing time. But it was Thanksgiving and I curbed my crankiness.
To be honest, I don't agree with ANY of this tipping bullshit. I think the restaurant should suck it up and pay minimum wage or whatever and I don't think the customers should have to supplement their employees incomes. Just like hairdressers. The chick that does my hair charges me $18 for a damn dry cut. Then I have to tip on top of that? Puhleeze.


Mushy said...

If the stupid hott cops hadn't served the warrent on the wrong house, no one would be dead. They were wrong and slow to realize they were out shot!

Ryans? You like to live life on the edge don't ya!

Goddess said...

Last I had heard, an undercover cop had purchased drugs at the woman's address.

Yes, Ryan's. Sigh. BTW, you didn't tell me how you'd tip! Or does that depend on the hottness of the waitress? LOL....

bugs said...

I tip according to service, but I can tell you this: if the server comes to get my bill and asks me if I need change, I'll say yes, and whatever I was going to leave him/her drops by fifty percent, and sometimes I don't leave them anything. Sometimes, the server just takes the bill without saying anything and never return....thinking that I would leave them a 12 tip on a 12 dollar order or something.

If they say something like, "I'll be right back with your change..." I'll tell them I don't need change.

Call me bitchy, but anyone who is rude enough to ask for a tip like that is asking for nothing.

*braces for the onslaught of readers who are now irate servers*

Goddess said...

Well at least Beta Blogger tells me when anonyomous posters post! YES!

Ok, why do you get ticked if they ask you if you want your change back? Do you think they should just assume you do and not be trying to give themselves their own tip? that I wrote that out, I can see why that might piss you off, if that's your reason.

Mushy said...

The waitress Friday rubbed on me and Ron...we tipped well. The younger ones rub on my son! He has less money.

Lesson learned - rub on the old men!

Once left Hooter's 'cause the stupied witch rubbed on the young dudes about 4 tables away. We got our own beer off the bar twice so I chewed her out and we left a dime on the table and haven't been back since.

Goddess said...

See? Even the waitress thinks your son is a hottie;)

Oooooh, I remember your post about sucky waitresses not having the smarts to kiss up to you and your friends!

Anonymous said...

Goddess, what bugs said was, if a server is rude enough to ask you to break a bill to get tip money ontop of the bill price, his estimation of how much to leave automatically decreases by half. And I agree. It's uncomfortable for a customer to be asked that. It's incredibly rude and all too assuming that they are getting one automatically to start with. The tip system needs to overhauled. I only tip well when the server goes out of their way not to annoy me, bring me my order promptly and politely and doesn't disappear when I need them and keep reappearing when I don't. And if they don't bring me all of the tools and extras that I need to eat my meal with, I get pissy if I have to remind them. And it really doesn't matter what restuarant I go to, my tipping scale is the same for everyone, everywhere. Hotness really doesn't factor into the amount, although humour and smiling does because I like to feel relaxed not creeped out or that the server takes themselves all too seriously or that they take shit personally, because, if the movie Supertroopers has taught me anything it's that anyone can be unwittingly served a "cop special".


Goddess said...

For me, hottness can work against the waiter. One time we had a guy who was hott and damn well knew he was hott and irked me more than "charmed" me.