Monday, November 06, 2006

monday on my mind

Some people have no sense of humor. This is the story of two Philly cops who t.peed their fellow officer's car while he was getting food. The video shows them in action and I think it's hilarious. The one lady in the video called them "childish." Why? For having a little light hearted fun?
I can't believe they had to have INTERNAL AFFAIRS INVESTIGATE the damn thing. Good grief.
Let us all have a moment of silent meditation for the late, great Pittsburgh Steelers....

Jay and I will be engaging in a Jeopardy Off! this week. We alway have to wait until they have either
celebs on or third graders because Jay knows too much crap about well...everything! By carefully
picking the shows where they "dumb it down," I have a fighting chance! Albeit a small one.


Mushy said...

People just can't take a freaking joke anymore! It's not like they put a burning bag of dog crap in the seat or something!

Goddess said...

I thought it was hilarious and I'm sure those guys need to leave off a little "steam" now and then;)

Fathairybastard said...

Somebody's always got to be an asshole. Let people have a little fun, for Christ's sake. And excuse my French, but it almost always seems to be a damn woman shaking her finger and tellin' guys to grow up. What the hell is up with that?

Goddess said...

I know and if you watch any talk shows on porn, it's always the icky, crabby women who bitch about it. I've never seen a beautiful sexy woman stand up and say she hates porn.