Sunday, November 19, 2006

life is a highway i wanna ride it all night long

Great. I fugged up my laptop and now I have to wait for it to be serviced.
The part is due in around the 24th and I have no idea how long I'll have to wait for the dude to show up. I came home from work Saturday and went to turn the laptop on and the button pushed right into the console and stuck there sideways. Ugh.
I called Gateway and told them what was up. The chick said, "You called customer service by mistake. This is a tech support issue. Do you have a laptop or desktop?" I told her laptop and she said. "I'll transfer you." TWENTY FIVE MINUTES AND THIRTY EIGHT SECONDS LATER, someone answers. Damn, was I steamed ESPECIALLY when the guy then said, "Oh you want to talk to the people in laptops, this is the number for desktop." The chick that answered in laptops got an ear full. Then to add insult to injury, she says, "You should never have had to wait that long. We're not even busy tonight." GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....
A few minutes ago, Mr. G walked in and said, "You're not gonna go psycho because you don't have your laptop, are you? " LOL. I said, "You better pray the desktop holds up.";)

I'm already scoping out da court to see what the "it" Christmas decoration is going to be this year.
Let's recap the "it" decorations of the past few years: first it was the wooden reindeer standing; then wooden reindeer standing, reindeer grazing; reindeer standing,
reindeer grazing and sleigh; reindeer standing, reindeer grazing, sleigh with gifts; reindeer standing, reindeer grazing, sleigh with gifts and Santa.

I'm thinking this year those wooden decorations will end up as firewood, and the "it" decoration will be one of those big plastic blowup thingies.
I don't know if I like them or not. Every time I see them I have an overwhelming urge to take a HUGE pin and--well, never mind.
Most of them are like ten feet tall. One neighbor had several characters from "Rudolph" last year.
You know the Big Foot type monster they meet up with? They had him and the big Burl Ives snowman.
Dollar General has a really cool one that features a penguin inside the "snow globe" and snow is blowing around inside.

I was watching Sandra Lee's Thanksgiving show.
Ok, I only make the kind of stuff Mom makes, but damn.
Sandra's recipe was ....well, odd. She added creamed corn and shredded cheese to hers.
Is there ANYTHING that chick won't add a bag of shredded cheese to? Her colon's probably crying out in misery.

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