Thursday, November 30, 2006

life is GOOD!!

Guess what I'm watching RIGHT NOW?! "A Season for Miracles"!!!! Yes, my movie has arrived!!
Movies you can watch in your own home whenever you want! What a fabulous concept. I predict it will catch on. I LOVE this movie!

Hmmm, well I can honestly say those "WalkFit" insoles are helping my sleep. I used to be up before
8 am all the time because my hips and lower back ached. This morning I slept in until...well, let me put
it to you this way, I was stretching and rolling over to find an even more comfy position in bed at the same time
I heard my neighbor pulling her car into the driveway for LUNCH. I love life!


Bruno said...

Huh, gives a whole new meaning to the term, "sleep-walking"!

Cherrie said...

I had to look up the movie. Here's what I found: "The Yuletide Season is anything but merry for Emily (Carla Gugino), who is forced to take charge of her nephew J.T. (Evan Sabara) and niece Alanna (Mae Whitman) when their drug-addicted mother (Laura Dern) O.D.'s and the kids are dispossessed. When it looks as though the kids will be sucked into the merciless maelstrom of the foster-care system, Emily packs them up and heads out of her home state, ending up in a little town that happens to be named Bethlehem Even though the authorities have been temporarily left behind, Emily will need a miracle to keep her family together. Enter a versatile guardian angel (Patty Duke), who assumes a variety of earthly guises to save the day for Emily, J.T. and Alanna--and also orchestrates a romance between Emily and a sympathetic local cop (David Conrad)."

Ah, now I get it! A great reason to sleep in till noon!

Goddess said...

That's IT! I love that movie, sheriff and all...but the movie didn't come till after I got up. It did, however, make the perfect excuse to continue laying around all afternoon;)