Tuesday, November 28, 2006

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I am sooooo glad I had that conversation with Holly yesterday about not eating my Christmas decorations.
I was yakking with Zal on IM last night, and she went whizzing past me with a wooden Santa doorknob hanger in her mouth...sigh.
Just like a kid, in one ear and out the other.

Remember I told you I ordered the new rainfall shower head with hand held thingy to get me off in the shower? (Let's not kid ourselves, that's what I wanted it for...)
The dude on QVC said there were "only a few SIMPLE STEPS" to follow to attach the showerhead.
Well, it arrived today and I read through the instructions. There were only about six steps and each seemed relatively easy.
This is how it went for me :
Step One: remove old shower head
Step Two: scream, rant and rave loud enough to scare all small animals within a 15 mile radius when the old shower head won't FUCKING BUDGE!!!
Step Three: toss the entire damn box aside and wait for the next time an unsuspecting repair dude is at the trailer and get him to do it.
Sigh. I need a HANDY MAN!
And if Mr. G so much as HINTS that he's going to say, "Why oh why wasn't I blessed
with 'around the house skills' instead of these devestatingly handsome good looks?" I'll freaking SLAP HIM!!

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