Friday, November 24, 2006

*insert 'having to deal with tech monkeys' sigh here*

The Gateway repair dude called this afternoon and said, "So I'm just calling to affirm that we have an appointment with you tomorrow afternoon between 2 and 4. Is that right?"
Me: "Yes."
Gateway Dude: "Soooo...." hesitation "is that time ok with you or do you want to reschedule for the morning?"
GUH. I DELIBERATELY picked that time so I WOULDN'T have to get up early!
Me: "Would you LIKE to come in the morning?"
Gateway Dude: "Oh, if you want. Say around 9 a.m.?"
GUH GUHHHHHHHHHHHH. One more sleep in I can kiss goodbye.....
What irks me no end is that when I WANT them to come in the morning, they can't do it. When I DON'T want them to come, they're more than happy to be here.


Mushy said...

Bet he has a big ol' butt crack and flashes you with it while he works! Since it's a laptop...that'll be some effort on his part.

Good luck!

Goddess said...

No no no!!! Don't say that! Good thoughts, gooooooooood thoughts;)

I just hope he examines the part he receives BEFORE he tears my laptop up. About two weeks after I got it the backlight went out in my screen. The guy came and ripped the entire top apart....ONLY to open the box and find a complete new laptop lid. It would have taken him five minutes to take off the old one and snap on the new.