Thursday, November 09, 2006

i'll take "losers for $500, Alex"

Damn. Day one and he's already beating me like a Peruvian mistress...

While shopping yesterday, I saw "Horoscope Barbie." Yes, as IF Mattel hasn't exploited this whole Barbie line enough as it is.
Anywho the advertisement read, "Inspired by the 12 astrological signs representing the mystique and on going appeal of the Zodiac sign."
Yes, Lord knows there's hardly a day goes by that someone doesn't stop and ask me what my sign is...
I also saw a book entitled, "Fitness Walking for Dummies." If ever there was a much needed book, it's this one on how to walk.
If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, there are too damn many people falling every day in this
country because they simply cannot get the "right foot, then left foot, then repeat until you reach your destination" concept down. It's tricky, I know.
This book is an answer to many prayers.

WORDS OF WISDOM: "I'm proud to live in America the beautiful. Nobody wants to live in America she's got a great personality."
(Stephen Colbert)


Mushy said... actually posted a picture, of sorts. Nice job!

How much was that book on walking? I do a lot of walking, but I'm gettin' no fitter. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

'Course it could be the celebratory beer afterwards that's working against me.

Goddess said...

I've posted pics before! lol...

The book on walking was actually reduced. Hard to believe people weren't just snapping it up at full price;) I think it's parking at the Dairy Queen that always does me in.

Bruno said...

I generally have no problem at all demonstrating what MY SIGN is to people who are desperate enough to ask---and I can do it with ONE HAND, while the other one's full of groceries! Was it Jeff Foxworthy, when he was still "funny", who started that phrase, "And here's your sign!"???

Goddess said...

LOL! I forgot about that sign, Bruno.

It's Bill Engvall who says "heeeres your sign..."