Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i just want to celebrate another day of living

Hmmm, interesting. I had no idea that the new correspondent (and hottie) for The Daily Show, Rob Riggle,
was once a major in the Marines. He served in Kosovo and Afghanistan.

I had another odd dream last night. I dreamt that I came home--a huge fancy house I didn't recognize, but it was mine--and I went
to the top of the basement stairs. I saw a strange man run into the shadows. I went down on the steps and began
screaming, "GET OUT! GET OUT!" I could see him only from the neck down. His face was in shadow.
I kept trying to make my voice more commanding and I continued screaming. Finally he ran
and I woke up when Holly started barking. I could hear myself screaming aloud in my sleep, so I must have frightened her.
I have no idea what these dreams are about or why I keep having them.

GUH!! If I read one more financial columnist that tells you to call the credit card company and request they lower your interest rate, I'm gonna BLAST them!!
I have a Chase card and a Citi card. Citi gave me a lower interest rate when I called months back,
BUT ONLY when I made it very clear that I was calling to close the account if they didn't.
My interest rate for Chase is 21.49% for purchases and THAT IS RIDICULOUS. I have good credit, I only have about a $500
balance on that account and I've paid it off frequently. I use it for small purchases I know I can pay off right away. So I called the FUCKERS at Chase and
told them that I wanted to make some Christmas purchases and Citi was offering it's customers 0% on purchases for a year, could they give me something similar? They said no. I said, "Ok, how about lowering my rate? 21.49 is entirely too high. I've made all my payments on time and I've paid the card off a few times. I deserve a better rate."
I was calm and polite and offered up all the right arguments.
She said, "I can give you a rate of 20.75%" What a fucker. I've noticed a HUGE difference in dealing with credit card companies ever since Congress passed the new bankruptcy laws. I think to myself IF companies are not willing to work with me when I only have a $500 balance, how likely is it that they will work with somene who owes THOUSANDS?
So my plan now is to pay off this account ASAP and close the fucker out. Screw Chase. It's very clear they don't give a shit about their customers.
And if they aren't willing to work with me, they're not getting another penny of my money.
What aggravates me about the financial EXPERTS is that they are giving out information that isn't correct. I see this on Oprah all the time, too. She'll drag on some dumbass money expert and they'll have a couple on who called the credit card company and they instantly agreed to lower their rate.

I don't know what jewelry company is running the ad because my station cut off the ending, but I love the song and the premise behind a holiday ad that's currently running.
The woman is sleeping and her husband comes in and lays a diamond necklace around her neck before he gets in bed beside her.
The ad has all of the important elements for a good ad as far as I'm concerned: great love song, DIAMONDS and romance.

I saw this snippet of video of Britney allegedly giving KFed a bj. I would say from the amount of effort the girl is putting into it,
and the fact that she's getting nothing out of it, it MUST be KFed. However, KFed threatened to release a vid from
their honeymoon. Brit has dark hair in this vid, so the idiot must have allowed him to video her several times.


Anonymous said...

Is any of that so? How would a grownup man be willing to give his once true-love such treatment as to release her sex videos? I wonder what'll happen years from now, when the kids ask, "Daddy, did you do that to mommy?"


P.S. can't Comment on non-beta blogs now that I've gone to Beta. That burns my ass.

Goddess said...

I think the sad truth is she was never his one true love, just his one true meal ticket. And the asshole wasn't even smart enough to hang on to that!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How that happen? Anyway, good!

Britney is a cute little doll, but so are lots of girls. It doesn't earn any better behavior from men, apparently, than any other young doll about town gets. In fact, since there's her money to be had, I guess it earns worse behavior!

Mushy said...

The faceless dude in the basement is me trying to convince you that you need to buy a big old gun! I've told you before...it will go away if you buy one big enough! (Like the one I just posted.)

Breaker, breaker, Ron, can you hear me?

Goddess said...

Ok you posted, Ron, but like other beta people, it never notified me you had posted. No biggie. I'm glad you're back;)

Bang, bang, Mushy. It ain't happening...LOL;) I'm a lousy shot! God only knows which one of my offspring I'd accidentally "off"!

Bruno said...

Diamonds, hell! Go get yourself a sex-stone---you know, just another fuggin' rock!

Goddess said...

I fear you're not a romantic, Bruno...lol;)

Bruno said...

Yeah, that's the reason I'm still married---nobody else wants me, OR my bag of rocks! Guess I could throw 'em at passing cars or somethin'...