Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hump day madness

I watched The View for a few minutes this morning and I can't believe how much Rosie O'Donnell has taken over that show.
Joy and Elizabeth can barely get a word in. BUT when Hasselbeck DOES get a word in, it's only to kiss Barbara Walter's ass.
As a matter of fact, Liz's lips are so firmly pressed against Barbara ass, it's a wonder she doesn't suffocate.

O.J. Simpson is penning a book entitled "IF I Did It..." telling how he would have killed his wife Nicole and Ronald Goldman IF *cough*murderer*cough* he had done it.
I wonder what in the world publisher Judith Regan is thinking backing a horribly tacky project such as this one?
It's an insult to both the Goldman family and OJ's children. What people won't do for money.

Ok, now I'm a livid Goddess with a purpose. I opened the newspaper from Sunday and in the coupon section was an
ad for a Chase credit card--ZERO PERCENT INTEREST ON PURCHASES for the next FIFTEEN MONTHS.
Great business practice, Chase. Fuck over your existing customers. I am going to pay this card off ASAP and take great
pleasure in telling them to shove it where the sun don't shine.

THEN I went to work last night for one night of overtime that I managed to get from Overtime Hawg, only to find out that Overtime Hawg called the woman
who was off and snagged tonight for herself. What a greedy P.I.T.A. I've been here for five years, she's been here for two and yet
she's calling all the damn shots. She was pretty clever, too. She owes the boss money for crap she bought
and she said to the boss, "Is it ok if I call and see if she needs another night off? If I work, I can pay you what I owe you."
But that's ok. The more she pisses me off the more I'm concentrating on getting my ass out of here.

My IM list is full of slackers! I was up at 5 a.m., ready to gab and not one of you was around...tsk, tsk.

I see Pope Benedict is calling a meeting to discuss celibacy in the priesthood and whether or not it should be set aside.
One priest said it would be an "insult to the priests who remain faithful" to allow excommunicated married priests back into the Church.
No word on how those priests faithful to little boys feel about the subject.

I wish a judge would grow a set of balls and sentence Naomi Campbell to some jail time. An ordinary
citizen would have been in jail by now for assault.

I love that new McDonald's commercial where the farmer goes into the chicken coop and
screams "Cock a doodle doooo!" waking up the sleeping rooster. Then he says, "How do YOU like it?"
I love it because when we had trouble with the neighbor's rooster being in our yard a few years back,
Mr. G used to say, "Wake him up every chance you can during the day."

Yay! Men in Trees has been renewed for a full season!

I saw on CNN that the Marines (hey, WW) refused 4000 talking Jesus dolls for it's Toys for Tots program. The people behind the program
said they don't know the faith of the children receiving the toys, so they don't want to offend a Jewish child or someone who is not Christian.
Dang. Wonder where I can get one of those for Male Offspring #5. BTW, I think this Jesus doll might be the perfect new boyfriend for Barbie. He's handsome, got a job and He isn't a wuss like Ken.
Plus, Barbie wouldn't have to worry about those knock down, drag out fights with the in laws, because they're saints!

Speaking of children's programs, everytime I see a picture of a super hott cop
(or a super, SUPER hott cop--so hott I whacked the kid right out of the picture) in the Cops For Kids program, I want to scream.
Where were these sorts of programs when I was growing up po'?! Oh, wait. *I* didn't grow up po'. It's my kids who are growing up po'. I can't get them involved in the program, though, because all the police know my kids. They'd force them to buy things like gun locks, "don't drink and drive" bumper stickers and "Jesus Saves, But Cops Kick Ass" t shirts.

They showed pandas from the Georgia zoo on the news last night. The baby pandas were so cute. They were swinging on wooden swings and going down the sliding board on their bellies.
No wonder people forget these are ferocious animals. They look so damn cuddly.


Anonymous said...

You know how lucky I am? So much that I don't even know who those women are on The View, except Baba Wawa and Rosie. Am I supposed to want to know?

Will anon. commenting work? I'll try.

Ron, TRS

Goddess said...

You *are* lucky! The crappy thing about women's television are the