Wednesday, November 08, 2006

heaven knows it's not the way it should be

What is up with Bush's stupid comments about giving Nancy Pelosi tips and the names of decorators for her office?
Would he be that condescending towards a male colleague? What an ass.
I can't believe he keeps pushing this fear angle, saying that he was surprised the Reps lost as many seats as they did because he thought the American people
cared about being safe and secure, and would want their government to "have the tools" to be secure.
Oh we have the *tools* alright. That's the problem. Too damn many *tools* in Washington.

God save us from these "entertainment" reporters who go "undercover" as ugly, fat people and then
offer us their "deep" "insights" as to what it's like not being one of the beautiful people. Wow. Talk about insightful reporting.
It's bad enough when Tyra pulls this bullshit, but now one of ET reporters is going to
take a stab at it, and we're expected to hear the "surprising reactions."

I think the perfect person to replace Bob Barker as host of The Price is Right would be John O'Hurley as host.
They both have the same sort of style and graciousness. And they both look great in a suit...

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Anonymous said...

Those people who put on a "fat" suit and walk around for a day and then complain about the reactions they got and the disgust on people's faces piss me off. Seriously, do they think it helps the 95 % (or whatever the number) of the population that is obese to see a supermodel put on a fat suit and experience their life for a day then take it off and be skinny again and grateful for her skinniness. Ach. Obviously a touchy subject for me.