Tuesday, November 07, 2006

git yer asses out there and vote....and orgasm

Wow! What a shocker! (And when I say "shocker" I mean "ho hum...who didn't see THIS coming?") Britney Spears
has filed for DIVORCE from K Fed. Hard to believe she'd let that hunka man get away, huh? I can't believe she was smart enough to insist on a prenup! Brit is asking for total custody of da little Federlines, but is willing to give him generous custody visitation. Good for her. She lost even more dead weight....

A few more reasons for you guys to get out there and have an orgasm:
"In one of the most credible studies tracking overall health with sexual frequency, the mortality of roughly 1,000 middle-aged men
was tracked over the course of a decade. Men who reported the highest frequency of orgasm experienced half the death rate.
Other studies have correlated frequency of sex with, among other benefits:
* An improved sense of smell
* A reduced risk of heart disease
* Weight loss and overall fitness
* Reduced depression
* Pain relief
* Less-frequent colds and flu
* Better bladder control"
In all fairness, we haven't heard from the dead guys...

The one commercial I see for the Army is so convincing I find myself wanting to join.
Too damn bad I have a dreaded fear of getting killed. And of physical fitness.

I have to roll my eyes every time I see the GlaxoSmithKline commercial for the bird flu. The chick tells us that they are rushing to find a cure.
Pardon my skepticism, but when they can't even remotely find "cures" for diseases like cancer or leukemia or diabetes, diseases
that have been around for a long time, I have a difficult time believing they're going to do any better with the bird flu.

I am NOT a Will Farrell movie fan. Guys like him and Jim Carey go overboard and end up being more annoying IMHO.
But Stranger Than Fiction looks like it could be a very fun movie.

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Bruno said...

I thought I was the only one who didn't like Will Ferrell! Always WAYYY over-kills his "acting", if you can call it that! But then, humor, and comedy, ain't what it used to be, either!