Tuesday, November 07, 2006

free to do what i want any old time

The neighbor's Christmas sign which has been burning (somewhat) steadily since...well, LAST CHRISTMAS, now
reads, "Ha........bi....us." That's the sign that 10 months ago read "Happy Birthday, Jesus."

Kirstie Alley showed up on Oprah yesterday wearing a bikini....and panty hose. Kirstie looks great, but If that pantyhose didn't look stupid,
I don't know what does. Apparently the panty hose went all the way up to her tits if the seam up her stomach was anything to go by.
Then, of course, she trotted out the usual line of bullshit about how women must
accept themselves the way they are. God save us from these celebs who make major changes in their bodies then tell us, "we are not our bodies."
They're trying to teach a message they don't believe themselves.
They spend thousands to look younger while telling us to love ourselves the way we are, spreading a "do as I say, don't do as I do" message.
The reason I watched the show was to see Jill, a young woman who I had seen a year or so earlier. She felt her father did not treat her the same way
he treated her siblings because she was heavier, and he admitted that it was true. It was very apparent that any "love" he had for her was conditional.
Conditional on her looking the way he felt she SHOULD.
She had gastric bypass and looks absolutely beautiful, so I guess now she's worthy of dear old dad's "love".
I say this because on the previous show, Oprah posed this question to him, "If your daughter never lost a single
pound, would she be good enough as she is?" and her father actually said, "No."
Then that dipshit Oprah said, "I thank you for your honesty." Honesty? How about out and out cruelty?
That is a horrible thing to say about your own child, let alone saying it on national television. The sad thing is
one of the reasons she had the surgery was to "have a relationship" with her father. So that says she's
willing to change herself to please dad, but dad's not willing to budge for her. If my father said
I was not "good enough" on national tv, I'd tell him to shove it where the sun don't shine.
Now she's all, "he was that way with me because he loved me and cared about me." No, he treated her
that way because she didn't meet his standards and he clearly felt she wasn't worthy of love if she wasn't perfect.
He would berate her and put her down. That's not love. That's bullying.
It is really, really sad to have a parent who won't love you the way you are and is only willing to offer conditional love.
What a great message to send to your child. I really have to give credit to her siblings though because
when her dad was saying these painful things on the first show, and she was responding, they were crying right along with her.
Dear old dad showed no emotion, or even the knowledge that he was being terribly hurtful. He just struck me as incredibly cold hearted.


Mushy said...

Watching all that TV is going to warp you and turn you against Scientology!

Like me you proably watched the Dr. Phil show about some dad who "allegedly" touched his daughter's "pee pee". I didn't know girls had "pee pees". The little girls I've known called them "mooses", or some other animal name their parents taught them!

An yeah...he did it.

Goddess said...

No, I didn't see it. They keep changing the times Dr. Phil is on in my area. He was always on at like 10 and 11 a.m. then suddenly he was on at 3 in the afternoon, so I've lost track. I did see the commercial for that show, though, and I figured he did it because of the anguish in that little girl's voice when she said he touched her pee pee.

My mother used to call it "down there". Never knew if she was talking about Hell or my feet. For some odd reason, I also call it a "pooch" or "cooch". Don't ask me why but "down there" but was just too weird and vague.

Anonymous said...

Like that little girl, to a lesser extent, I have always felt my family and my mother's conditional love and constant bullying to lose weight, which is just another way for them to say I wasn't good enough for them they way I was and still am. I have always told them from the get go to go fuck themselves. And they wonder why I moved six hours away and never call home. *snort*

Sometimes, the hardest thing we can do is to stand up for ourselves and to accept that family like that isn't what we need or want in our lives and just cut them out. She's young yet, and the surgery will leave her with even more problems on its own to deal with, so imagine now that she's just piled on the issues when you take into consideration how her father withholds his love from her before and after the surgery. She's going to end up killing him. Or herself. Or both. Mark my words.


Goddess said...

I think its horrible just FEELING like your family doesn't accept you--Lord knows, I've always felt that way, too--but can you imagine how hurt you'd feel to HEAR the asshole say it on national tv?!

Yeah, I agree with your statement about piling on more problems. My husband also said that no doubt the old man will now find something *else* wrong with her now that the weight isn't her big issue.

Hopefully one day the jerk of a father will figure out that he's not happy with himself so he's trying change everyone else around him. And hopefully they will, too.

Ron Southern said...

oh my god, MORE serious bones!