Friday, November 17, 2006

do you see what i see

Whoo hoo! Congrats to Stephen Colbert for being named 'One of the Sexiest Men Alive" in People Mag. Stephen was in the "Sexy Surprises Section" under "Men In Glasses." I gotta get me a copy of that mag. I can't believe they mentioned Hugh Laurie, the dude from House. He always looks like he needs a good bath.

It comes as no surprise to me that FOX has yanked "Justice" from it's lineup. They will finish production on it's first 13 eps,
but no new eps have been ordered. It is unclear as to when or if the remaining eps will air. Justice is one of the new shows I was looking forward to this season, but I bailed after the second ep. I *wanted* to bail during the first ep, but I decided to give it another try. I didn't care for the cast and Vincent Garber got on my nerves big time.

While I'm on a shipping charge rant...I received a Wisconsin Cheeseman catalog the other day. They charge you a shipping charge,
then--get this--they charge you an EXTRA $3 to have the items shipped TO YOUR HOUSE. That's right, YOUR house.
I called the company and asked them what in the world they were doing, charging customers double for shipping, and the lady that answered the phone said, "I have no answer as to why things are set up like that." I said, "I can understand paying extra to be shipped to another address"--actually I can't. Not like it costs THEM any extra to send it somewhere else, but that seems to be a standard way of ripping people off. But to charge customers extra to send it to their OWN address is just plain double dipping. I won't be buying from them.

I love these mail order companies that tell you your order will be shipped for free, then add instead a handling charge.
Like we're so stupid we can't figure out that they just gave the shipping charge a different name. Gateway, for instance,
sent me an email with a big ole "FREE SHIPPING!!" disclaimer. Beneath that in smaller print, it said, "$20 handling fee applies."
Then it's not exactly FREE, is it?

Overtime Hawg called me last night and said, "I have a really big favor to ask you. I already cleared it with the boss. Will you work December 22nd and 23rd for me? I have a whooooole bunch of company coming in and I need time to get ready." This is a familiar story: she always has either a TON of company or someone's dying/needs surgery.
I said, ever so sweetly, "Oooooooo, sorry. My sister is coming to stay with me this Christmas and I can't possibly give you any extra time."
You cannot KNOW the tremendous sense of satisfaction that gave me, especially when she stole
hours from me just two days ago. Was it petty? Hell, yeah. Do I care? Fuck, no. I am tired of doing her favors thinking at some point she's going to think, "Hey, Goddess has done me many favors, maybe I should think about someone else when it comes to overtime instead of hogging it all for myself?!" This is what gets me about her request. She pulled the same thing last year. She had the entire week off leading to Christmas, then took another day of mine on the 23rd and the 26th. I was so freaking rushed myself, I didn't know whether I was coming or going, because I had to work the eight days before Christmas, I had no time to get MY work done.
Did she care? Hell, no. Do I care this year? Hell, no.

Some IDIOT from Somerset (PA) used a cattle prod on his 4 day old baby, then smashed her head
into the sink and held the baby's leg over his shoulder until he heard it break. THEN as he was being arraigned, the asshole reporters said to him, "What would
you like to say to your daughter? Do you love her?" And he said "yes, I love my daughter." Oh, fucking please. If this is how he
treats a child he loves, what would he do to a baby he hated? The poor child has skull fractures and broken
bones in her legs and arms, but thankfully the doctors expect her to make a full recovery. The reporters also suggested that maybe
he treated her this way because he had been abused. I get angry when I hear this sort of garbage. Lots of people have been abused as children and they don't turn out to be horrible baby abusers because of it. Don't give the coward an excuse. He didn't even
have the guts to attack someone his own size. And you know why...because he's nothing more than a fucking pussy.


Bruno said...

Yeah, don't ya just love it when someone tells you THEY have already cleared it with the boss? Like YOU need THEM to decide YOUR life for you? Ya done the exact same thing I would've---piss 'em off, and ENJOY it!

About the cocksucker with the cattle prod: The only thing makes me sickening madder still, is the fact our courts are worried about not "violating his rights!" And, of course, now we need to pick his brain, you know, see what makes him tick, why did he turn to pedophile violence, etc., etc.,---of course, at OUR expense!!!

Mushy said...

Cattle prod the naked bastard up and down the street 'til he passes out - then pour cold water on him, tie him up to a post and disembowel him and let him watch as the life slowing drains out of him - then burn his ashes as if he never existed.

Oh, sorry, I lost it there for a second.

Anonymous said...

I think we ought to let the shrinks analyze him and find out just what was done to the pitiful bastard in his youth to make him go bad. Then lock him up and do the same thing to him again for the rest of his life! Of course, if anybody ever stayed in prison for any fair length, they wouldn't need any special treatments. They'd just rot there and go back to dirt.

Ron at TRS

Anonymous said...

So, I'm dying to know what the hawg's reaction was when you said no. Did she beg, plead and cajole???


Goddess said...

She gave me a pissed off, "OH....hrumph...goodbye" then immediately called a co-worker to complain about me. She asked HER to work and she, too, refused. BWAHAHAHA!
I mean, my heart bleeds and all that crap.

Anonymous said...

It's the little hawg who cried wolf when she had to face doing some real work of her own, no? I have a few of those at work, too. Hate them! Hate their guts! And never let an op to let them know so pass me by. All my bosses know I hate these people. It's a matter of public record by now.