Thursday, November 09, 2006

can't wait to get to heaven

I love the way KFed is suddenly interested in getting full custody of his kids. He's an immature kid himself. Pretty clever of him, though, since the parent with full custody would get the child support and the residence. I don't think I've ever seen but one or two pics of him with the kids. It's always Britney toting them around. Britney and her male "nanny." I need to get me one (or two) of those, damn it. I can't believe the leech is actually asking for spousal support. A swift kick in the ass is all he deserves. Hard to believe KFed didn't turn out to be stellar husband material. I mean what with him dumping his pregnant gf to marry Brit and all...

I read this comment taken from a (soon to be divorced) Chris Rock special: "Fellas, when you wake up in the morning, you should look
yourself in the mirror and say, '[Bleep] you.' [Bleep] your hopes, [bleep] your dreams, [bleep] your plans ... [bleep] everything you thought
this life was going to bring to you. Now let's go out there and try to make this b***h happy.'"
Guys like this piss me off. Guys who act like happiness and marriage are mutually exclusive. Guys who use the
women in their lives as excuses for everything that's ever gone wrong for them. This is
why I think he's being a damn diva: when a guy is dating a chick and she's always dressed really nicely
and has her hair fixed, he's thrilled to have her as his gf, cuz she looks good and more importantly, she makes him
look good. THEN they get married and all of a sudden she becomes "high maintenance". WRONG. She was ALWAYS that way.
It's just that he chose to see it as a positive before he was married, now it's a negative and she's ruined his entire life.

Ok, this esp thing with WW is too weird. Yesterday she mentioned Rascal Flatts in
one of her posts and I remember thinking "never heard of 'em."
Yesterday afternoon, I was watching an old, old ep of Yes Dear and who was on? Rascal Flatts.

Today I received a really nice gift from a friend of mine. It was a huge wooden plaque decorated
with cows and sunflowers--one of my favorite flowers--and it said, "Welcome to Goddess' Kitchen".
I stared at it for a few minutes, then yelled, "KIDS! What room is the kitchen again? Is that the one with the magic white machines that make my clothes clean?"
They said, "No, that's the room you refuse to enter. The one with the big white box of frozen food."
Ehhhh, that one. I've skillfully managed to avoid that room for years. No need to start visting it now. Better have the offspring slap up this plaque.

I got a big kick out of Congressman Robert Wexler's appearance on the Colbert Report Tuesday night.
He said, "I have to watch what I say, Stephen. I learned that the last time I was on." I saw him the "last time" he was on and
it was incredibly funny. Stephen got him to say things like, "I like cocaine because---" and "I like prostitutes because----" I
could not BELIEVE he was actually answering! It was a hoot.
Stephen's reaction to the tape in which Nancy Pelosi said she wouldn't recommend going on his show was HILARIOUS.
Catch it if you can, it's on the Midterm Midtacular Special.

Wow. How shockingly is that non-smoking commercial which features the guy with an artificial larynx singing, "You don't always die from tobacco, sometimes you just lose a lung"? Ugh. Scary shit.


Bruno said...

That must be why I feel outta place! I actually ENJOY havin' the wife around for decision-making help! Now, if BOTH of us could just be right 50% of the time, imagine what a perfect world it would be---for US!

Mushy said...

I love women - I even married a few of them.

Truthfully, I'm not happy without one around, but this will be the last one I ever marry!

Goddess said...

You're both oddities!

Thank God for oddities;)