Monday, November 27, 2006

awww, shit

Female Offspring #6 brought home some Christmas recipes from school the day Thanksgiving break started. She asked me if we could make some last night.
The recipe she picked was called "Reindeer Droppings." Sounds yummy, right? You melt chocolate chips--we used the milk chocolate ones, not the semi-sweet because there's nothing I hate worse than the words "semi" and "sweet" in the same product--and then you mix in Chow Mein noodles and spoon drop the "cookies" to look like reindeer piles. Of course, it didn't take but five seconds for Male Offspring #2 to dub them "reindeer shit". Sigh. I can only imagine what the parents in da 'hood think of me when my offspring tell them I make them eat reindeer shit...

Our neighbor has one of those houses you glue together. It sits across the street from us, yet it's a situated slightly ahead of our place. Those houses must be damn hollow, because even with my double pane windows closed, I can hear their kids running through the house.

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Bruno said...

I made a Holiday Log this morning, just something I threw together the day before! More fudge than anything else, I think. Took almost 20 minutes to make. Looked like SHIT!!!