Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ample parking day or night

Happy Birthday to Richard Freeman, esteemed editor of Batteries Not Included and overall great guy!!

So Britney's flashing her bare cooch all over town, every chance she gets, huh?
And we thought *KFed* was the no class, white trash bum in that union...

I heard from Harlequin Books after I complained about them pimping their "old" Christmas books as new.
The woman said, "We don't mention that they're reprints because people will think they're old books." Um, HELLO?!
If they were written in the 1980's, they *ARE* old books! They talked about MORK & MINDY in one book.
And after reading that, it became very clear to me why most writing books tell you to never mention
current celebs or tv shows. They really date your book later on.

Yet another senseless and totally obvious study was conducted in London. The outcome? Women talk more
than men. Wow! What an amazing surprise!!
What's up for the next time waster study? Do men miss the toilet more often than women?

I was helping the kids write letters to their dads yesterday. It's really hard because the littlest offspring don't know their daddies ARE in jail.
I tell them their daddies are "working for the
government on a special assignment. Soooo important as a matter of fact, that they can't leave until the government tells them they can."
Female Offspring #7 said, "When will they let my daddy come home?"
I said, "In two to four." And knowing that jackass, he'll be back "working for the government" within a week.



Bruno said...

Men missing the toilet---Well, it's kinda like fishing: It takes practice to get the proper amount of "whip" for that perfect cast! It's a fine-art, learning the range needed, quite often coming up SHORT.....!

Goddess said...

Forget it, Bruno. We already know the outcome of that study. After all, women are usually the ones that have to clean the bathroom. Bleeech.

Bruno said...

Not always! If the wife CATCHES me "missing", then I'M the "prick" that has to clean it up! Which might explain why I use the woods-lot whenever possible.....

should-be-working said...

No kidding about Britney Spears. At least we don't know what K-fed's junk looks like.

Goddess said...

THANK GOD!! If his junk is anything like his rapping....well, UGH.