Sunday, October 01, 2006

you gotta wrap your fuzzy with a big red bow and no 'sum bitch gonna treat me like a ho

Overplayed Song O'The Day? "I Don't Feel Like Dancing," by the Scissor Sisters.
The vocals are a cool cross between Leo "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" Sayer and the Bee Gees.
Give them a listen. They have a great sound.

I have a table near my living room window where I sit and work on the computer and do jigsaw puzzles. I have a
good six inch gap between the window and the table because I have one chair behind the table.
Last night I was writing up my update and out of the corner of my eye I saw a big black snout come up through
the gap. Holly kept her snout there and was staring at me. I said, "I take it you're bored and want attention?"

The offspring are really sad that I'm going to be in Atlanta for a week. I can tell by the way they keep high fiving each other.
I worry about Mr. G when I'm gone that long. I swear some days they could
burn the trailer down around him and he wouldn't even notice.

Ok according to a reliable source and from what info I received in my email, I was banned along with others from the Badge Bunny forum
because of a problem the moderator had on the forum awhile back. I had nothing whatsoever to do
with the group that caused trouble. So again I reiterate: you don't ban
someone on suspicion. You ban them because of disruptive behavior.

Mushy and Fat Hairy Bastard are always talking about the joy of guns. It's funny, but even though I
grew up in a house with lots of guns, I'm not a fan.
But Dad had a couple handguns in his dresser drawer, and two high powered rifles with scopes that stood behind the china closet in the dining room.
Even with eight of us kids in the house, I don't recall one incident of anyone ever touching his guns.
Mostly because we feared his belt.
Besides protection, ya know
what my dad used the high powered rifles for?
Shooting the groundhogs that were eating the lettuce in his garden.

Court TV has been bragging for the last few weeks about having "new"
episodes of COPS. Their idea of "new" is "new" reruns from 2000-2005.
So what do they run last night? Five episodes from 1996.


Mushy said...

If you could see the statistics, they would show that in every incident where a child touches or uses a gun thier daddies didn't spend any time with them teaching them about gun safety or love.

Goddess said...

I'm trying to think what education Daddy gave me about guns? Oh yeah, "STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY GUNS OR I'LL BELT YOUR ASS!!" Ahhh, good times, good times.

Truthfully, I think we were just smart enough to know they were nothing to fool with. But it still amazes me that he never had them locked up! And it scares me now when I think back on what could have happened.