Monday, October 09, 2006

when did you fall in love with me

It's snowing in the Rockies, kids!

I am not looking forward to winter. I want to stay stuck in autumn mode.
Speaking of fall, I am sooo happy I wasn't home when my gf called and asked me if I wanted to attend this year's Fall Foliage Festival.
I only have so much patience with myself for uttering the same damn phrases (or variations thereof) about leaves.
They only turn red, yellow or orange. Hell, they don't even turn BLUE! I have a hard time finding different ways to react. Last year,
I used up all my "unique" comments like "Wow! They're pretty!" and "Ooooo, how bright!" within the first five minutes.
I was disgusted I'd left my thesaurus at home because clearly that was a thesaurus situation.

Everytime there's a shooting, such as the one in PA this week, people immediately start talking about stricter gun laws.
As you know, I'm not a fan of guns myself, but even I know that stricter gun laws is NOT the answer to this sort of situation.
The nutjobs will ALWAYS manage to get their hands on guns, and stricter gun laws only
leaves innocent people without guns to defend themselves.

I was riding with C.P. last week and there were a group of striking teachers standing along the
roadside holding signs that read, "Honk if you support us."
So C.P. honked several times.
I said, "So you think it's ok for teachers to strike?"
And he said, "Huh? I blew my horn because blonde chick in the red was va-va-va-voom!" Sigh.

Tommy Lasorda's ads for FOX and the baseball playoffs are hysterical! I love them.
Another great commercial running now is the Vonage ad with the blonde chick at the beach. She is PERFECT playing the
dumb blonde who spots the "dolphins" (sharks) and wants to swim with them. When she's bonked in the head with
the Vonage phone box, her fall into the sand is a riot. The ironic thing is that she's played by brunette model Linda O'Neil, a woman who was quite proud of her brunette "roots." I think she's sexier as a blonde.

I was listening to CNN last night while working on jigsaw puzzles and I heard an ad for the station
that said, "Tonight: The stories that really matter." What does that mean?! That the crap we listening to all day doesn't mean diddly?

Last night when I put the offspring to bed, they all seemed happy I was home. Which immediately made me suspicious.
Turns out they were dying to see my reaction to the "Big Pile O'Stuff Holly Chewed Up While Mom Was Away".
Seeing hows all of it was MINE....grrrrrrrrrrrrr! What chaws my butt is the offspring's litmus test for stopping Holly from
ripping up stuff. It goes a little something like this, "is that my stuff she's chewing up? No? Eh, then who cares." Double grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

There's a situation going on at work that's really bugging me. When I started this job, I had FOUR defined tasks.
The nightshift gals had four also despite the fact that they worked 15 hours and I only worked 9. NOW I have FIFTEEN tasks
and they still have four. The one chick needed to change her schedule which took away two of her tasks and gave them to me,
making my 15 and hers 2. Now the boss is having a problem with the other night time chick and she wants me to take two of HER tasks,
leaving her with just two, also. I said to my boss, "This doesn't seem quite fair to me. I have to come in an hour earlier, do two more jobs
that I didn't have to do before and I'm still getting the same rate of pay. She does even less than she was doing
before and still gets the same rate of pay." There's only twenty cents an hour separating our pay.
She said, "Well, you will be getting paid more. You'll be getting paid for that hour extra every day." UGH.
What really peeves me about the chick in question is that she's forever trying to get others to do the few damn jobs she has.
And while it will kill the little penny pincher to lose the money every month, I hardly think it's fair to keep
someone on that isn't fulfilling her duties. The answer is too boot her, not shift her tasks to people who are competent and reliable.

Ok, time to take down the Columbus Day tree...


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...and time to put up the Halloween punkin!

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Hmm, never heard of that one. Clever idea!