Thursday, October 12, 2006

until i hear it from you

So after telling Mushy I was going to stick with it yesterday, I've already switched back from Beta Yahoo email to the old style.
No damn wonder I have so many divorces under my belt.
The one thing I loved about the new email was being able to open more than one message at a time.
Then you can bounce back and forth by clicking on email tabs and work from there. BUT it doesn't have the
boxes in front of each email that would allow me to delete several at one time. Lately I'm getting more
spam in my inbox than ever and oddly enough my legit mail seems to go into my bulk folder. But I tried
holding down control, highlighting several emails and then hitting delete, but more often than not it
resulted in opened spam, which is going to give me ever more farking spam. Lovely. Also when you open
your mail there's a huge news panel that takes up most of the page. I couldn't find a way to get rid of that.
And last but not least, a feature I thought would be great, the ability to see if any of my RSS feeds
had been updated, wasn't even working. I tried to import several feeds and it gave me an error message each time.
Now I see Hotmail has Beta advertised and I'm thinking that might only be an improvement on their current system, which I hate.

It greatly amused me to read this on South's page yesterday, "To address a few issues, anyone who thinks I have a cat,
much less one named Mr Snuggles probably also believes I am on Jenny Craig and like the brownies nest." Ok,
I'm thinking he meant "the brownies BEST," unless they eat nests in the South. But great save, South.
Of course you don't have a cat named Mr. Snuggles, because HE'S DEAD NOW! You killed him with your irresponsibility!

I LOVE THIS!! It's the Trailer Trash Barbie/GI JOE CLOPS vid. It's also got the arrest of Santa,
my all time favorite CLOPS segment. UTube also has a bunch of other CLOPS ep. I love it when they
arrest two M&M's and when they're putting one into the cruiser, the CLOP says, "Watch your shell."

Last night I tried to figure out why I was so depressed.
Was it because the weather had suddenly turned colder? Nah, don't think so. No more sweating off my makeup.
Was it because Male Offspring #7 tried to flush 3 of his Matchbox cars down the toilet and ended up flooding the entire bathroom? Nah, don't think so.
The "flood" washed the floor for the first time in months.
Was it because I still hadn't gotten those pics of Dan Davis that South promised? Hmmm, possibly but then
I'm used to South moving like a slug. If I get them before Christmas I'll be shocked.
Hell, I'm still waiting on pics FROM VEGAS that he promised me, so it couldn't be that.
What could it possibly be? Damned if I know but I'm going to lay in bed with Holly all day and think about it....

Way to go Campbell's Chunky Soups for showing those commercials
with Matt Hasselbeck, quarterback for THE LOSING SUPERBOWL TEAM.
Pittsburgh was fucked. They played McNabb's commercials
during the winning Steeler season and went right from him to Hasselbeck.
IF these ads were filmed this summer when Ben was hurt, then they should have used another Steeler in their ads.
And that is why I will no longer eat Campbell's canned soup........that and the excessively high sodium content.

Female Offspring #8 was really worried that Santa would not be able to get into our trailer this year
and leave her presents.
Somebody told her that we don't have a fireplace and that our chimney leads right into the furnace.
They also went on to to tell her that Santa would be baked to a delicious crisp in seconds. Along with all of her presents.
I don't know WHO would tell her that, but when I found out which offspring it was--and I would--an ass whoopin' would be the order of the day.
Anyway, she's been crying about it almost every day. Last week I found this "Magic Key" in a mail order catalog.
I sat down and explained to her that although we didn't have a fireplace,
we would write a letter to Santa, telling him where we hung the magic key to the front door so he could find it.
That seemed to satisfy her. She was happy and smiling at the prospect of Santa being able to gain legal entry to the trailer.
A few minutes later I heard her bawling. I ran into the living room and there's Male Offspring #6 going, "See? The key
doesn't fit in that door either! Santa's screwed and so are you!"
And I was 100% right. An ass whoppin' *was* the order of the day. He hasn't been in this
much trouble since he tampered with the brakes on my Hoveround and pushed me down the drive.
Luckily for him my excessive weight slows the Hoveround down to a crawl and I was able to smack the crap out of him even as I was rolling away.

I commend Paris Hilton for grinding herself half naked over a teen age boy in her music
video "Nothing In The World." Way to go, Paris.
You show the world that you have a brain, and that some day you damn well intend to think about using it.


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Don't bother...I ain't worth it.

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Dang. It. I keep forgetting you're a blogspot!

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