Monday, October 23, 2006

turn the beat around

Gawd, I heart small town life. They were discussing the route for the Halloween parade that will take place in
a neighboring township in the paper this morning. They said, "the parade starts at Blah Street, winds down Blah Blah street,
then follows Blah to the Blah Street, and trails along Da Da Street
to the fire company, where it ends." Now the comical thing about this is that the entire parade "route" is, at best, a two minute walk. But it sure SOUNDS grand, doesn't it? LOL!

Last night I was gathering all the things I needed for this years "Is My Costume Hott or Notapoolza":
1. Scathing comments--check
2. Hoveround--check
3. Snicker bars--no check
Well, I'm two thirds of the way there. I told Mr. G that he HAD to buy Snicker bars. The neighborhood kids EXPECT me to have Snickers. If I try to hand out these stupid 8 pack of Halloween crayons, there will be a revolt. Hell, they might even toilet paper my Hoveround. I can't have that! He said, "I'll buy them, but I'm putting them under LOCK and KEY, until Thursday night." Pffft. Like I care.
(Pssst, I've already bought replacement bags of Snickers for when I eat the ones he brings....)
I must admit no one has ever really beaten Tim Case's genius in the costume department.
BTW, when it's cold outside he only needs an ankle sock to cover that bad boy.

Because I was too lazy to change the channel after The Soup was over, I was forced to suffer through several minutes of The Carters reality show. They're five brothers and sisters living together. Basically it consisted of them screaming at each other, which seems to be their chosen mode of communication, and then I went deaf.


Mushy said...

If he had stuck some mistletoe in that belly button, he'd have the Christmas card out of the way too.

Goddess said...

LOL!! I'll pass that along...