Tuesday, October 31, 2006

trick or treat smell my feet and give me something good to eat

I will be incredibly happy when the new water heater is installed tomorrow and the repair dudes are gone. Our house is old and we NEVER know what repair
guys will run into when they're here. Apparently the guy who built our house didn't own a level.......or a steady hand.....or a keen eye.
He seems to have eye balled everything, and it shows. But only when it comes to the ceilings and the floors.....

I love the commercial for this week's episode of NCIS. It shows the guys crashing
a Halloween party, and one guy says, "Great costume, guys, but you spelled CSI wrong on your hats."

I saw some video of Heinz Ward at McKee Elementary School in Pittsburgh today. JCPenney
and the NFL have a "Take a Player to School Day," and I am such a sucker for this sort of stuff. I cry every freaking time I see stuff like this.
And even though I can't stand her, I loved those dream shows Oprah did last year, where people got a chance at their dream or to meet someone they idolized.
The kids were so thrilled to meet Heinz and he spent time in the winner's home room, and there was an assembly for the entire school.

There is one sugalicious thing that is REALLY tempting me lately. When we walk the dog every night, we go right past the Dairy Queen drive through window and they've been advertising a pumpkin pie blizzard that sounds YUMMY.

South is talking about Steven Baldwin and his appearance on Wankus' radio
show over on his site today.
I saw a bit of Baldwin the Saintly talking on a news show and
the interviewer made some comment about something being a "coincidence." Baldwin
chimed in to say, "I used to call them 'coincidences,' now I call them 'Jesusincidences'." Oy.
People like that are scarier than a strain of the bird flu and AIDS combined.
Give me someone who lives their beliefs, not someone who tries to shove them down my throat.


frhe sjgg said...

Happy Halloween Goddess !

Like the graphic ! Very cute !

Yeah, never knowing what repair you're going to need is zero fun...
We must have had the same builder.
I personally will celebrate when six months goes by without seeing any one repair truck within 100 yards of my house !

So... why don't you like the big O ?
(I mean Oprah, you silly girl !!!)

Enquiring minds want to know.

Anne Elizabeth

Goddess said...

As far as I'm concerned, one of the funniest bits in Kathy Griffin's newest show is where she says Oprah thinks she's Jesus...

I know Oprah has done good, but I just think she's incredibly out of touch with reality and what life is REALLY like for the majority of Americans. For instance, on her Christmas special one year she showed off this watch that had changeable scarves for a wrist band. She said, "You can give these to all your friends for Christmas. They're just a little under one thousand dollars." The audience gasp was the gasp heard round the world.

I don't spend that much on my entire family, let alone spend that much on one friend.

The main thing that gets me is how she preaches that it's not about "the stuff" and yet she has like 6 homes and clearly it's ALL about the stuff.

Anonymous said...

i tried the pumpkin pie blizzard on saturday. it is gross.

just an FYI...

As an aside, what's up with the 20-letter-long word verifications? damn!

Goddess said...

Really? Damn. It *sounds* so good. Course when I saw pumpkin pie body scrub the other day *that* sounded tasty, too....

I have no idea what's up with this word verification thing. I do know that if you fug it up a couple times, they get shorter and the letters get thicker...LOL. I still think it's worse than a damn eye chart.