Saturday, September 30, 2006

thus begins the tenth month

As per the last few years, I was going to write this entire month's posts with a gnarled finger dipped in blood,
but the offspring got pretty weak from all the bloodletting last year, so I promised them I'd give it a pass.
The big babies.

It's official. I *will* be going to Atlanta and updating for South starting next Tuesday.
So if you wanna hang, email me now. My schedule is quickly filling up. There's only so many hours
between reruns of COPS and meal time, ya know.
Maybe I'll put up some cool Hallowed Ween clip art on South's site.
You know, spruce it up a bit and make it my own, like when I stay at his place and schlepp around in his boxers.
I'll see if I can find a cute clip art kitty wearing a witches hat.
I know the guys would really like that. Almost as much as they did that time I gave his page a Pepto Bismal pink background.

I'm guessing from the amount of times FOX is rerunning it, that Til Death isn't doing so well. They're repeating it
twice on Sunday night and I saw it advertised a couple extra times during last week. Not a good sign.

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