Tuesday, October 17, 2006

seriously entertaining

They finally had the Oprah/state trooper incident. Trooper Buddy Carey pulled over the lead car of her caravan, and all the others stopped behind his cruiser.
He came over to Oprah's car and said, "I did not pull you over. Get off of my highway!" LOL. It was kinda comical to watch.
He was upset because the other vehicles had pulled up behind his cruiser instead of in front of the car he stopped, which never would have occurred to me.
It was comical, though, the way he did a complete turn around when Gayle said, "We're with the Oprah show. This is Oprah Winfrey."
And yes, he was in the studio. And yes, he was HOTT.
I love the fact that on the LAST DAY they decide to use the Onstar in their vehicle to find a restaurant.
All this time listening to them piss and moan about being lost and they had freaking Onstar.

How naive am I? Tonight on COPS, the one police officer said "We're going to a call. The man has a lab in his car."
I immediately thought, "Oooooo, I love dogs!"
While I *thought* he meant Labrador, he really meant a rolling meth lab. Sigh.

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