Monday, October 23, 2006

karma police arrest this woman

I'm anxious to see Oprah's show today. Gee, don't hear me using THOSE words very often, do ya?
She's having people who have had gastric bypass and have suddenly adopted new addictions, such as binge drinking or sexual promiscuity.
I knew this sort of shit would happen because surgery does NOT address the issue of why we feel the need to overeat.
It doens't address emotional problems. Plus becoming thin rapidly brings a new set of problems for people who have been
overweight for a long time. I know that sounds weird to thin people, but that's the truth.
And I've read many times that when you gain control in one area of your life, you often find yourself out of control in another area because
most people have more than one addiction. So I'm really curious to hear what these ladies have to say.

I'm so glad that Calvin Klein has clarified that this is an ad for jeans. I thought it was an ad for rimjobs. What a major disappointment. When do we get to the point in advertising history when men are subservient to women, FOR A CHANGE?!

Speaking of Oprah, she had women entreprenauers and mothers from around the world on her show yesterday.
Lisa Ling was talking about women in India and how they're working in call centers now and it's changing the face of the family in India because mothers are working at night and not home with families. Lisa blathered on about wanting to put a "face" to the Indian women we talk to on the phone when we call and get connected to someone working in India.
She said she wanted us to see that while we get angry that we can't understand them, they are women with families, just like we are
Ooooo, somebody break out the tiny violins. .
My heart freaking BLEEDS, Lisa. How 'bout bringing the damn jobs BACK to the U.S. if it's so negatively impacting the culture in India?

Hey, guess what! I got an email from Lynn Anderson yesterday! You remember Lynn, she sang that song, Snowbird.
"So little snowbird take me with you when you go to the land of gentle breezes where the peaceful waters flow."
Oh, wait that was Anne Murray. (And let me tell ya, it frightens me that I still remember all the lyrics to that song.
I learned it during my 'I want to be Anne Murray when I grow up' phase.)
Ok, Lynn sang, "I'm a coal miner's daughter." Nooooo, I don't think that's right. That was Loretta Lynn.
Lynn Anderson is famous for "Don't it make my brown eyes blue." Ahh, shit that was Crystal Gayle, sister of Loretta Lynn. Oh fuck it.
The email wasn't from country singer Lynn Anderson anyway. It was friggin' spam.

The offspring are pissed at me. Hard to imagine, I know. I told them they are ALL going
trick or treating as dirt poor hobo's. That way they can wear their own clothes...

Wow. Check out this email I got from Dan Davis:
"It's an honor to be considered for a possible stalking (tell the four
"hell no's" to kindly fuck themselves), and don't worry 'bout the wife.
She'd probably pay you."
Now HOW IRONIC IS THIS??? Dan then ends the email with the same three words that sealed Mike South's fate. He said: "Keep in touch."
Scary, isn't it? It's like a sign from God that I should stalk Dan.
Zal used the word "deranged" when discussing my possible Dan Davis stalking endeavor. I consider that a solid "yes".
Interesting that the one person who HASN'T weighed in on this whole Dan Davis situation is SOUTH.
You know why? He is hella jealous and afraid to lose THE ONLY GOOD STALKER HE EVER HAD!!

WAIT A MINUTE!! I remember now! Lynn Anderson sang: "I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden.
Along with the sunshine, there's gotta be a little rain sometime."
Again, frightening that I remember all the lyrics.


frhe sjgg said...


Yeah, cry me a very big river. After everyone in the U.S. is gainfully employed, mauybe some of the other countries can get our overflow jobs...

You crack me up. Spam stinks. Even if it did make you think of good songs...

I loved that Loretta Lynn movie with Sissy Spacek playing her. Or am I getting it confused with...

I always sing along that old Lynn Anderson song when it infrequently comes back on the radio ! So what does that say ???

Ha-ha on the offspring's halloween costumes !

Huh ? Who is Dan Davis and South ? Better go read more of your blog...

Anne Elizabeth

Goddess said...

Dan Davis is the editor of Gensis Magazine and a hottie;)

Mike South is and my former stalkee....well, truth be told, I just haven't let go of him 100%!

Oh and you don't want to read more, Anne. It gets more and more bogged down as ya go. Besides stuff rarely connects on my blog!