Saturday, October 14, 2006

it's not healthy for me to feel this way

The "blonde" in the Vonage dolphin commercial is actually brunette model, Linda O'Neil. And while she's proud of her brunette "roots", I think she's much sexier as a blonde.

Yesterday as I was at the toy store picking up a gift for one of my many, many relatives who
doesb't know the value of birth control, the cashier said to me, "Too bad about those TMX Elmos, huh?"
The minute she mentioned Elmo five of my offspring slunk away in different directions. A suspicion raiser if ever there was one.
Me: "What do you mean?"
Cashier: "Remember when you were in here a few months back and I told you we were taking reservations for them, but we weren't sure we could get them? You asked for four of them. Well, they came in last week. I called your place but your kids said you were away and that we should give the Elmos to someone else."
I instantly had visions of five kids walking home from the mall, but in the spirit of the upcoming season, I contained myself and tried to be gracious about the whole fucking thing.
Me: "Well at least the kids who get them will love them I'm sure."
Cashier: "I don't know about that. The guy that bought them said he was going to sell them on eBay."
fuckinglittledirtyrottensonofabitches !!

I spent most of Saturday working with my Dramatica Pro software. Sigh. Who knew storytelling was so damn complicated?
Here's just one example of the confusing lingo I had to deal with::
"A choice of logical selects a psychology for the Main Character based on causal relationships. The logical Main Character solves problems by examining what cause or group of causes is responsible for an effect or group of effects. The effort made to solve the problem will focus on affecting a cause, causing an effect, affecting an effect or causing a cause."
And there are so many facets to Dramatica Pro that it gets confusing at times.
Here are my options:
A. Read and learn all I can about the software and through repetitive usage become more familiar with it's components or
B. Sucker someone else into using the program and telling me how it works.
The logical answer is, of course, B.


Anonymous said...

good luck, babe.

Anonymous said...

We have TMX Elmo in Stock