Monday, October 30, 2006

i'm waiting for the day when my lucky stars align

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered together to say goodbye to Goddess' recently departed water heater.
It was a good water heater, giving 20 years of faithful service.
Let us focus on the happy things she gave us: the hot water and the scalding hot water.
Let us remember that she didn't cost Goddess a damn dime because Goddess was renting the trailer when she was installed.
While we're remembering the old water heater, let us say a prayer, also, for the
gaping hole in Goddess' savings account caused by the new water heater. Amen."
BTW, that water heater money is coming right out of the Christmas gift fund, kids!
Merry Christmas and enjoy!

Ever the procrastinator, I said to Mike South today, "HEY! What about those pics [of Dan Davis]?!"
He said, "They are coming."
Pfffft. So is the end of the world....

I was scanning the web for more pics of cops for my Hott Cops site, and I came across the website of Floodwood, Minnesota. Their motto is "A City for All Seasons." What does that mean exactly? Are there some cities that just close up shop in the Spring? That just fold in the Fall? What's the deal, Floodwoodites?

Overtime Hawg has been calling me all day asking me to come to work for her today
and possibly the rest of the week. She is SHIT. OUT. OF. LUCK.
I got back from the chiropractor this morning and she had called me at least six times.
I thought, "Damn, lady. Would it not occur to you after the first two calls that I'm not home?!"
She's called three more times while I'm sitting here writing this.
About two weeks ago, one of my co-workers was out sick. OT Hawg took two nights
and the boss gave me one. She said, "Next time she's off, I'll give you two nights and her one."
The very next week, I called my co-worker to ask her something about a computer program
she had been telling me about and OT Hawg answered the phone.
I was fugging livid. Apparently this woman wasn't feeling well and she
took the night off. OT Hawg very nicely took the hours for herself.
That night I drew a line in the sand. Took my ass long enough,
but I decided unless somebody in her family died, I am unavailable to switch shifts.
I made some changes to accommodate my boss, but fug that, too.
She has proven time and again, that when push comes to shove,
she is more than willing to let OT Hawg do whatever she wants. The boss always makes her excuses as to why she can't fill in.
She called this morning while I was out, and said she couldn't do it either, would I go?
T.S. I'm sick of them using me.
I'm cleaning the kitchen because the guys are coming to put the new water heater in and I have to be here for that, too.
It's like my husband says, everytime I switch with her it's at my own expense. No more.
And I'm NOT giving her any time at Christmas like I did last year either. She had an entire week off. Then she had the balls to ask
for the 23rd off because she needed to bake pies. When I agreed to that, she gave me some sob
story about why she needed the 26th off, too. Female Offspring #1 was only home
four days and I had to work two of them. No more. I'm taking my entire week this year.


Anonymous said...

goddess, as you aren't from "around here," i feel the need to explain about the Floodwood issue. we've got so many old farts here that when they pack up and move to arizona in winter (November 1 to April 30), towns are left compeletely abandoned. Floodwood is one of the lucky towns; in winter, they still have 10 people left to get drunk, ride their snowmobiles, and wreak havoc on the surrounding community.

frhe sjgg said...

Good Monday morning Goddess !

I am laying flowers at your dearly departed water heater's grave...

Sticking up for yourself always makes you feel better. Especilly when you are justified.
OT Hawg can just work Xmas this year. Boo-hoo to her.

Bye for now/ cyber-hugs,
Anne Elizabeth

Goddess said...

LOL...the towns DO fold? I thought that only happened here in the East where everyone goes South for the winter. Then I guess that motto is quite appropo! Thanks for the explanation, Kate.

Thanks for the flowers, Anne. Masses welcome, too. The water heater was every bit a lapsed Catholic as the rest of us...

Ron Southern said...

Bop her one; then you won't have to worry about no stinkin' job!

Goddess said...

Yeah, unfortunately, those bills have a tendency to not pay themselves, And until the whole "famous writing career" thing takes off, I'm stuck working.

Anonymous said...

Do you ignore your phone as you sit beside it like I do? I don't do overtime, and I work in the food industry. I will sometimes take pity on the bosses when it's a huge catered affair, but other than that, nope. I cut corners to leave early every night. When my boss comes to me and asks me to do more, I say no because I know how worried they are about labour costs. I tell them I'm doing my part by cutting corners to make it out on time every night. They end up thanking me! *LOL* If they only knew I start my clean up an hour before I need to and put food away long before closing! I would have my knuckles rapped for sure.

Yeah, so my boss this month, at the ripe age of 60, has learned the value of using the word No more and taking "mental health" days. I don't feel bad about saying no. I once said no to a woman I worked with who bragged about drinking all night and then ended up with food poisioning afterwards. She had to work a full shift feeling like she was about to die, and all because she thought she was better than me and could walk all over me while talking shit about me behind my back. (We're friendly now, but back then, not so. It took standing up for myself to get her to like me finally.)


Goddess said...

I *always* ignore my phone, Lilly, unless it's one of my *immediate* family...that means I also tend to ignore my parents unless it's an emergency.

It was FAB when I had caller ID and could gleefully see who I was ignoring. Now unless they leave a message I can only guess. LOL!