Thursday, October 19, 2006

i see possiblities more than meets the eye

I liked Rob Riggles first report for The Daily Show, despite the fact that it went on way too long.
I liked it because Rob's a HOTTIE. I was going to email him and tell him that I liked it until I read this on his site, "No promises on return email, sorry." Forget it. That just reeks of "I do not have TIME for you! I am a celebrity!"
When I become a rich and famous writer, I'm going to continue to answer ALL my email, even the spam because that's just the kind of gal I am! I will love even the little people...

I was watching a show last night on Court TV--either Anatomy of a Crime or Forensic Files--in which an entire
family had been found murdered. Mr. G wanted to watch his boxing, so I told him I didn't care if he used the tv.
While he was rewinding his tape, he was listening to the show and he said, "Why do you always
watch this kind of stuff? Every time I come in here, you're listening to some kind of murder or kidnapping story."
I have to say that I watch Court TV more than any other channel, and it IS kinda funny considering horror movies and such scare the crap out of me.
Even though I've never seen an episode of CSI, I find it really intriguing the way they solve crimes. I think CSI doesn't interest me because it's fiction.
The other night I watched one show about a young girl who had been murdered.
They had nothing except a wad of chewing gum one of the murderers had spit out at the scene.
They were able to get a conviction. It's amazing how the truth comes out, soemtimes years later.
But dang it, I have no idea who killed the family in the show from last night or why.

I find the murder of fashion writer Crista Worthington fascinating, too. I don't know why. What's interesting about her case is how many guys she had/was having sex with!
The chick was NOT sexually inhibited by any means. One "friend" described her as an "equal opportuntiy employer," as in she didn't care who she slept with.
I keep wondering where Christa's 2 year old
daughter was at the time the murder took place. It makes me ill to think she watched it or heard it, but it was
so violent one wonders how she couldn't have been a witness. Plus, Richard McGowan, who is
on trial for the murder, blamed someone else saying that he couldn't "kill someone with their child present, " but he did admit to hitting her a couple times in the face.
So that kind of makes me think she was there. Even sadder, more poignant was when the neighbor found the body,
the little girl was sitting beside her mother, who lay in a pool of blood, dead for the last day and a half, and she said, "Mommy fell down."

And what about Nicole's mother insisting that her grandson was really murdered, ALLEGEDLY by Howard K Stern?
According to gramma, should Anna die at this point, everything she owns would go to Howard. Hmmm, interesting.
And interesting also that he's pushing to be named the child's father when this photographer insists the baby is his.
Maybe because he'd have control of the child's money, too?
The police are puzzled by the fact that the son had ingested methadone and no one
seems to know where he got it because apparently he had no drugs on him.

When I mentioned the "Night of Too Many Stars" sucking, I forgot to mention Jerry Seinfeld's
appearance. That's the first time I've seen him since his show ended, but he did a bit on cell phones and he WAS very funny.

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