Sunday, October 29, 2006

i can't wait any more for him to discover me

Hmm, the parents of kids in the Gwinette County, Georgia, school district mustn't think too highly of their children's intelligence levels.
They want to pull Harry Potter books because they feel their kids aren't smart enough to know the difference between fantasy and reality.
They're afraid the kids will try casting spells on each other. Oy. They also says Harry "contributes to school violence and indoctrinates kids into the Wicca religion."
Hey, there's a spell casting witch in Snow White, maybe we better ban that book, too, just to be on the safe side.
There are also witches in Sleeping Beauty, better dump that one as well.
No word on how Gwinette County parents feel about Harry contributing to large numbers of kids READING.

I was so boooored today that I went to this Big Lots Elf link and voted for Maddy. Come on, vote for Maddy. She's cute! Get your asses out there and vote. Mikey's currently winning and I want Maddy to by my Big Lot's elf, damn it!

Fat lot of good "falling back" did us. Holly had us all out of bed at 6:50. Yaya I know it would have been 7:50 old time, but it wasn't!!

How Goddess got her groove back three times yesterday....
Every time Mr. G and I are off together, the night before he ALWAYS says, "Sex o'plenty tomorrow."
When he said this on Thursday, I said, "Really? And exactly how many times does 'o'plenty' constititute?"
And he says, "At least three times on Saturday and three times on Sunday."
While that USED to be the norm...about ten years it's more like four times a WEEK.
Something that does NOT make me a happy camper. But then again, I don't have to do any of the "work".
I just have to lay there and say things like, "Oh, come on. Can't you fuck me harder than that?" and "You're not ready to cum already, are you?"
You know, all sorts of encouraging little comments.
I'm kidding. I'm kidding.
So Thursday night I said, "Ok, but this time, I'm holding you to that. I expect to get fucked into next week. Literally."
Saturday morning, right out of the starting gate, he said, "Let's have sex." Oh, I was *there*.
He took a nap and when he got up, he called me into the bedroom again.
We went for a walk in the evening, as per usual, then came home and I was watching COPS.
He was reading and I walked into the bedroom and said, "Honey, aren't you forgetting something?
You owe me another fuck. If you don't fuck me tonight, you'll have to fuck me FOUR TIMES tomorrow."
He put his book aside and said, "Oh, we'll do it right now."
I said, "I'll take my pants off."
It was like a game of sexual chicken, neither one of us was backing down.
He said, "Take them off."
"Look. Taking my pants off. I am taking. my. pants. off."
He goes, "Look, getting. hard. We're throwing down right here."
I'm like, "Fine. Right here then. And I'm not changing my mind, either."
He said, "Neither am I. Bend over."
It was during the afterglow that I thought, "If anyone had overheard that conversation, they'd think we were crazy...."

From one of the forums I participate in...
10 Halloween Phrases That Sound Dirty
10. She's a goblin!
9. I'd like to get a little something in the sack.
8. Let me see your bag.... Oh! You're having a great night!
7. Just get on your hands and knees, and bob your head.
6. She's got a couple of nice pumpkins on her porch.
5. If you just lick it, it'll last longer.
4. Show me your Jujubes and I'll let you see my Zagnuts.
3. Have your mom check it before you put it in your mouth...
2. You scared me stiff!
1. He's got Candy spread out on the living room floor!

What a weird day weather wise yesterday. I was on the computer near the living room window around 4 in the
afternoon and Mr. G and Holly were snoozing. All of a sudden it got really dark outside and the wind was whipping through the woods.
I could hear branches snapping off. Then it started lightening and thundering. Next thing I know it's snowing like crazy.
A half hour later the sun was back out.


frhe sjgg said...

Good morning Goddess,
So I voted for Maddy. She is cute, after all ! Knowing your sense of humor, I wasn't sure what I'd find...

I only wish my forty-something lust-object would do me 4 times a week after we've been together 10 years ! Yowsa, girl ! Even if you do play chicken to the countdown...

Like the top 10 list... Can my cop and I have the address ? He just may want to treat me to a trick or two there...with his scary parts.

Have a great Sunday !

Anne Elizabeth

Goddess said...

You weren't sure what you'd find??? As IF I'd post something dirty! LOL...

bozette said...

Mr Mushy sent me. So I thought I would say Hello.

Goddess said...

Howdy back, Bozette. Too bad I'm on the sugar wagon cuz those caramel/peanut apples looked delish!

Mushy said...

Well, I need a cigarette after that reading!

Goddess said...

I just needed a lot of zzzzzzzz's;)