Saturday, October 28, 2006

i am smitten with you

Don't forget to fall back tonight, kids!! ! Another hour of sleep, yummy, yummy!

Here's a site that allows you to make free international phone calls to over 50 different countries...and Canada!

This is just a warning to Zal (and others) that on the 1st I *WILL* be reverting back to a white background on my main site. I know I almost blinded you last year, so BE PREPARED!!

A big THANKS! to Mike South for helping me get the gink out of my pages yesterday.
I knew it had something to do with the html code, but no idea what. He noticed I was missing a */noscript*. Damn. He's good.

There was a question on Family Feud the other day: how long does the average crush last? The answer was three months.
THREE MONTHS?! Those lazy ass crushers! The majority of mine have lasted for YEARS!!
Speaking of crushes, I think I should request a complete bio of Dan Davis. What if he has kids? Good grief, I can't stalk somebody's "dad"!
And I'm trying to decide HOW I want to stalk Dan.
I was toying with the idea of enrolling him in one of those "lunch meat of the month" clubs.
Nothing says "I have the hots for you" like a big hunk of jumbo bologna in January.
Ok, what about poetry? Once again, with apologies to Alex, the true poet...
"Roses are red, violets are blue,
I'm jilling off while thinking of you..."
Whaddya think? Too subtle?

Congratulate me, people. Except for a couple boxes of candy, I have *all* of my Christmas shopping finished!
Now the real work begins.
I have to subtly convince the offspring that they want the crap I already
bought for them and not the crap they have on their lists. "A man works from sun to sun but a woman's work is never done." Sigh.

I ordered some yummy body butter last month or so from someone's Body Shop page.
The email said you would receive a special free gift of lipstick "with every order."
It said this several different places on the website. So I ordered. No free gift.
When I called the person I ordered from they gave me this "ooooh, yeah, it was free with a $50 order. I misread that myself."
Perhaps The Body Shop should consider employing someone who can write more understandable emails?
I *was* going to order their Vanilla Spice Body Butter. Fug it.

There's one bug in IE7 that's driving me nuts. So much of my good email goes into the spam folder.
If I open an email there, then click on the spam folder again to go back to the next email,
I keep getting an "email session has timed out" error. Then I have to sign in all over again. GUH!

Richard sent me the news story of a group of drug dealers who hid methamphetamines in TMX Elmo. They found four pounds hidden inside the doll.
That would be my luck. The one Elmo I find would be confiscated for evidence....
Speaking of that ratbastard Elmo, Bugs sent me a link to this site.
Notice how there ARE no Elmos other than those at auction? Curses. Foiled again.
Honestly, if one of my offspring wanted this toy and I couldn't find it, I would have serious problems with Fisher Price.
They deliberately manipulated this situation and it's pathetic the way they used small children to do it.
I did not buy ONE Fisher Price toy this year. And I'm starting to spread vicious rumors about Elmo's sexuality!


frhe sjgg said...

Good Saturday morning Goddess !

Yeah, I love the ones on the internet that say 'you've won a free $50 meal at the restaurant of your choice' !

So duh, I go pick 'Chili's' cause I love mexican food, and I can probably eat there four times for 50 bucks.

And they say, we just ned you to answer a question or two, first...

After about 200 questions, I'm not hungry anymore. Fuggedaboutit !

Deceptive advertising stinks !

Tell you kids if they don't like theri presents, you'd be happy to go with them to the orpahanage and give them away to kids who aren't so lucky.
Let me know who ends up keeping their toys...

Have a good weekend ! BTW, did you notice Frank is back ?

p.s. Definitely subtle with the Dan Davis thing !!!

frhe sjgg said...

clearly I can't spell.



Goddess said...

Hmm, I kinda used that orphanage thing last year when I told them I donated all the money I'd normally spend on them to a couple college boys. They used it to buy fresh porn and beer. Needless to say the youngins' weren't too happy with me.

Mushy said...

Maybe you can sweet talk Mike into helping FHB get his blog back! Or, he's had it flagged for his "chubby sex" post!

Mike probably knows a way around that too!

Goddess said...

What happened??? Who was the doofus that flagged him?!

Goddess said...

Oh and Mike didn't really know much about Blogger. I think because we never get to see any of the code to change stuff.

FHB might have corrupted his template like I did one time..ugh. Had to start over with a new template and resave, but once I did, all my posts and stuff came back. I was totally panicked though, I'm not afraid to say..LOL!