Tuesday, October 10, 2006

head first

Yesterday, as I struggled to sit through yet another excruciatingly painful episode of The Backyardigans,
I wondered why it is that we can't make a children's show that DOESN'T feature annoying, repetitious singing? We hadn't even made it through
the first 15 minutes of The Backyardigans and they sang about six songs. That is SO WRONG! No wonder Female Offspring #8 looks at me funny when I TALK to her.
And no wonder she sings all of her responses....sigh. Yesterday I asked her if she wanted to go to the dollar store with me and she yanked out a hat and cane and put on a full scale production just short of a Broadway play, all to convey that yes, she did want to go. ENOUGH!

No wonder I hated Freak Show on Comedy Central. David Cross, who is behind the show,
couldn't even explain it in his appearance on The Daily Show yesterday. The show is every bit as convoluted (and stupid) as his explanation.

Mark your calendars, kids. After dragging it out for FIVE WEEKS, Oprah is finally going to have
that stupid piece about being stopped by the state troopers in next Tuesday's (17th) show.
Chick definitely started in news if her ability to milk a story is anything to go by.
I didn't even fall for her crap this week. I taped it and blasted through 99.9% of her garbage, stopping only to see what was in the room in Graceland that no one is allowed to enter. They have all of Elvis' stuff stored away, like his jumpsuits and his movie posters and his eyeglasses. They even have old checks that he wrote out, saved because of his signature. It's stored in an earthquake proof and fireproof building. What a waste. Why don't they have it some place where people can enjoy it? Or hell sell some of it and give the $ to much needed charitable organizations? I never did understand the theory behind buying something to never use it. If I shell out hard earned bucks for something, it's going to get used. If I bought a pair of celeb's eyeglasses (which I wouldn't cuz that's super dumb) I'd wear them even if they were the wrong script for my eyes, just to get my $'s worth.

And now let us turn our attention to politics. I hate politics.

So let us turn our attention to science. I hate that shit, too.

I LOVE the commercial for Kibbles and Bits Brushing Bites. It shows the dog standing
on his hind legs, head thrown back, gargling at the bathroom sink. It's a riot!


Mushy said...

I made my pilgrimage to Graceland and there's definitely no "pretty little thing" waitin' for ya down in the jungle room. Just a bunch of bad taste!

Goddess said...

Is it as garish as it looks on tv? LOL...Elvis definitely knew how to do things to excess.

Fathairybastard said...

My family was on a summer road trip in the late 70s through the south, driving home to Texas from visiting the Air Force Museum in Ohio. We stopped in Memphis and took a walk around town after dinner. Walked past the front gate of Graceland, but it was all locked up. Next morning we woke up in the hotel and they were announcing that the bastard had died in the night. He was probably struggling with that load that killed him as we walked past that night. Poor fat dumb bastard. I swear to God, I didn't do it.

Mushy said...

FHB - you are hilarious!

Goddess said...

Your sympathy for the King is underwhelming, FHB...LOL!