Friday, October 13, 2006

hair today, gone tomorrow

I purchased Jonathan Serious Volume™ Shampoo and Conditioner from QVC.
Jonathan is the overly dramatic, annoying hairdresser dude on the reality show Blow Out.
Total cost for the two items was $41...more money than I've EVER paid for shampoo IN MY LIFE.
I have blonde hair and blonde hair tends to be very dry.
First up let me say that his conditioner and "dirt texturizing paste" smell FANTASTIC. AND the smell lasts in your hair.
I can smell it all day long. To be fair, my hair does look less dry but ONLY after using the texturizing paste. Shampoo and Conditioner alone doesn't do it.
I bought the shampoo, too, because my hair is so flat and I figured any shampoo that has SERIOUS volume must be well, serious about volume.
Imagine my disappointment when my hair was every bit as flat with the $20 "serious volume" shampoo as it is with the $1 Suave shampoo.
Do I have people coming up to me telling me how FABULOUS my hair looks? Not hardly.
What gets me though is how Jonathan's always talking about the "all natural" ingredients in his products, and right on the side of the shampoo bottle, it says "No alcohol."
Of course that doesn't really explain why the second and third ingredients are cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol.
But it does contain good stuff like sweet almond protein and "exotic butters."
Anyway, let me pass on a small tip my hairdresser gave me: if your hair is dry looking after
you've blown it dry, take a TEENY BIT of your conditioner and work it through your hair.
That works every bit as well as expensive texturing pastes or smoothing gels.


Mushy said...

Dang - I looked on my shampoo and it says "no alcohol" too! I guess I better not take that beer in the stall with me any more. That's probably what's wrong with my hair.

Thanks...the things you can learn blogging.

Goddess said...

Did you pay $20 a bottle? If not, I'm gonna be pissed.

My grandma used to put beer on her hair all the time. At least that's what she SAID she was doing with it...

Ron Southern said...

I knew that shit all along or else I was an extreme cheapskate. I buy the sheapest shampoo and then use small amounts after the shampoo to work into my hair. I have a receding hairline, but that's been developing for quite some time. I used some expensive products in my lifetime, but none did much better than the cheap stuff. I'm too old to want a "cure" for whatever's wrong with my hair. I ponder cutting it all off, but never get anywhere with it because I'm afraid it'll lead to more care and feeding!

Goddess said...

If I was a guy I'd shave it all off to within a half inch...LOL! Just so I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. Besides, nobody can tell ya you have a bad hair style when ya don't have any hair;)

When we were younger my mother would buy Breck in BULK. We never used anything else. To this day, I can't stand the smell of Breck shampoo.

Mushy said...

Ron, cut that shit off!

I used to carry "Kookie's comb" everywhere I went and dreaded the wind blowing my locks about.

Three years ago I set myself free!

I use my beard-trimmer twice a month and am FREE!

Cut it! We ain't go'na win anymore beauty contest! It's all about comfort and ease now.

Maybe I'll send you a before and after shot!

Goddess said...

"Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb..." LOL!