Sunday, October 22, 2006

every day feels like sunday baby every day feels so good

Sigh. Winter is upon us. Yesterday morning on the way to work,
I had to turn on the defrost. Or as I like to refer to it, "the po' man's air conditioner".

Yesterday I watched "Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire" with the kids. While we were watching, I said, "Kids, if my current
husband and I ever broke up, would you care if I dated a vampire?"
General concensus was they wouldn't care if I dated an orangutan as long as it got me out of the trailer and out of their lives.
Oh, and they'd be all for me marrying the orangutan if he gave them a good allowance.

While I was at work yesterday, Mr. G and my mother "mixed it up" BUT good. Ugh.
I hate feeling like I'm in the middle of those two all the time. On the upside, it's wonderful
having a husband who defends me all the time, and has from the very start.
My mother is a bull headed P.I.T.A. and she can't stand the fact that Mr. G is not afraid to speak up for himself. If
she only knew how many MORE times he's wanted to speak up for himself, aka blast her a new one, but I (unwisely)
try to keep the peace. I say "unwisely" because the more he holds in his resentment, the angrier he gets. It would be better
to let him blow off steam. But that's not my family way, damn it! We hold in our anger, pretending everything is
goodness and light when we're together, then the minute we're with our own families,
we talk about each other behind the other's back. That's the way it should be!

I think the song "Sexy Love" by NE YO is GREAT to listen to while making love or making out. BUT don't take my word for it.
Have sex to it, then email me and let me know how things went.
BTW, there's a familiar rift all through out the background of that song, but I don't know what it is. For some reason,
I keep thinking it's from a Michael Jackson song, but music aficionados with good ears would know better than I. So, Jay, what's the song? LOL!

Bugs was gracious enough to remind me to watch Sandra Lee's Semi Homemade Halloween show yesterday.
What a hoot. Sandra wore Cher, Madonna, Barbra Streisand and Liza Minelli costumes. The only one
that looked decent was Barbra. It was so comical the way Sandra kept reminding us that she
was "really Sandra Lee," as if we would be so taken in by the costume that we wouldn't recognize her.
Bless her heart. I wish I had pics of her ala Cher, so you, too, could be astounded by the similarities, but I
don't. I do, however, have this very interesting "costume" from Sandra Lee's online mag.
I'm not sure if it's a "trailer park teen" costume or a Mrs. Federline costume. Same diff really....

How does that song go? "It's a sign of the times, something, something, something, something, something."
The Boy Scouts now have a new merit badge for .....wait for it.......COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!!
BTW, I don't have the copyright for the picture of that badge. I stole it from another site.
I don't have a clue as to what this badge has to do with scouting, but I hope the boys erase all their stolen downloads before participating.
"Scouts will be instructed in the basics of copyright law and learn how to identify five types of
copyrighted works and three ways copyrighted materials may be stolen. Scouts also must choose one activity
from a list that includes visiting a movie studio to see how many people can be harmed by film piracy." LOL!
Reminds me of that hilarious South Park ep on downloading songs form the internet when the FBI showed
the boys how the celebs were hurt by downloading. Recording artists were doomed to a life of semi-luxury.

Ok, here's my predicition about the World Series: IF the Tigers make
it into the World Series, Jim Leyland will find a way to fug it up, as evidenced by the Pirate/ Atlanta playoffs of '90, '91 and '92.
The Marlins win of '97 doesn't count! Nobody takes a team named after a fish seriously.

I was listening to CNN yesterday and they were talking about Heather Mills' latest allegations
of spousal abuse against Paul McCartney. Now I don't think McCartney laid a hand on her; he just doesn't strike me as the violent type.
But one of his friends defended the allegations by saying, "He is an icon." IF he did use her as batting practice, the fact that he is a music icon is irrelevant.
That sort of attitude towards celebs is what's wrong with this country.

I saw a few seconds of Bruce Willis getting his star on the walk of fame yesterday.
It was on the TV Guide channel while I was checking stations, just so ya don't think I have *any* life.
The chicks were snapping pics of Bruce. SCREW BRUCE!! The cop walking beside him was hella hott!! I would have been taking *his* pic.

I've tried and tried, but I just can't get into 'Scrubs." Comedy Central has been rerunning old eps
and I just don't find it very funny. Sigh. I'm hard to please when it comes to tv. One show I'm
LOVING, though, is Anne Heche's Men In Trees. It is consistently funny and very well written.

And that's my two cents .


Mushy said...

When you retire...everyday turly is Sunday! Sorry...couldn't resist.

I've thought about stopping by the Harriman Police Dept. and asking to take their photos outside by their cars for you, but I'm afraid they'll think I'm a little light in my loffers.

Goddess said...

So what's your point? We *all* have to suffer for my hott cop *art*..LOL!