Friday, October 20, 2006

close to danger

Unbelievable. The priest who admitted to fondling Mark Foley said that Mark
should "remember the good times" they had and to stop "dwelling" on what happened.
"Remember that time I sucked your semen like a Hoover, Mark? Good times, good times.
Go in peace to love and serve the Lord....and any horny priests you may encounter along the way."
Ok, now the really comical part of all of this--yes, there's a comical part to me--is
that the priest is blaming HIS perversion on depression. Doesn't anybody take personal responsibility for their actions?
I always take responsibilities for my actions....unless it's the kids' fault. And it usually is.

I can tell Dan Davis has had dealings with Mike South.
Yesterday Dan sent me his own picture,
making him, what I refer to as, a "pro active, take charge possible stalkee."
Dan also sent along the message that South is slower than a hillbilly reading Dr. Seuss.
(Funny he should mention that. South once told me Seuss' characterizations were mesmerizing and his plot twists were brilliant.)
I'm yakking to South on IM the other night and
he says, "You know I do have those pics of Dan for you."
Next morning I read, "Well, I'm in Ohio this week..." Son of a...
Good thing Dan's on top of this.
So I'm thinking about stalking Dan, but here's the deal: he's married. Now I wouldn't care, but nobody seems
to know what his wife is like, so I'm concerned as to whether or not she could beat me up and smash my Hoveround.
This is why I never stalked Tim Case. I feared Fifi's wrath.
Hey, I worked HARD to scam Medicare out of that Hoveround and I don't want to lose it!
Oh, yeah, and I'm kinda partial to the way my face looks now. You know, no broken bones.
So what do you think? Should I stalk Dan?
I think it would be kind of interesting to stalk a hottie AND an intellectual this time around. I've never done that before.
*cough* *cough*
Hotties are great but when the crush wears off ya have nothing to talk about except their love of fishing and bukkakes.
When I first saw Dan's picture on the cover of AVN, a voice in my head said, "What in the world did you EVER see in South?!"
Then another voice said, "Ummm, hellooou? South? WEB MASTER? Ability to kick your site offline?" Oooops.
Still a third voice said, "When do we get to eat all the Halloween Snicker bars?"
And the fourth voice said, "Get some anti-anxiety meds. There are way too many voices in here..."
BTW, s ad thing about Dan losing his right arm, huh? Rumor is he stepped into the middle of a porn chick fight and stepped out minus a limb.
You never want to get between two cat fightin' porn chicks.
Ok ok, that pic might have been part of this pic, but everybody knows I don't stomach the chicks on my site!!
So tell me, should I stalk Dan or not???

I just wanna send a shout out to my many, many readers in Trinidad and Tobago!


Fathairybastard said...

Mmmmm, rehab is soooo sexy. Like people back in the day having themselves committed to avoid debtors prison. Bedlam anyone?

Ranger Tom said...

A catholic priest, in a homosexual affair with a young boy?

Get out!

Would never happen!

Goddess said...

No no, Tom, it wasn't an "affair"! They were "friends"....with one sided benefits apparently;)