Friday, September 01, 2006

your bodys a dream that turns violent

I watched the series premiere of Justice and I officially HATED IT. I don't like the cast at all, especially Victor Garber.
It got bogged down in too much legal detail when they included things like coaching the witnesses and picking the jury.
I could barely get through the first episode and that should be the best episode.

You know the thought of Mike South at that Dragon Con science fiction convention just makes me laugh and laugh.
All I can think of is the episode of the
Simpsons where they went to the bi-monthly science fiction convention called the "Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con".
What I wouldn't give to see South standing next to a couple Wookies.

MSN had an article entitled, "Seven Reasons Babies Cry And How To Soothe Them." They were: hungry, poo filled diaper, too hot or cold,
want to be held, overstimulated, don't feel good or none of those reasons.

Now here are the seven reasons women cry and how to soothe us: we're hungry, we have to pee, we're hot or cold, we want to be held,
we don't feel good, we're jealous, we're jealous that you're not jealous. In all instances, buy us something sparkly and expensive.
Annnnd here are the seven reasons men cry and what to do about it: no sex, no alcohol, their new plasma
screen tv was packed without a remote, no blowjobs, wife used his power tools to dig holes in the flower garden,
no sports on tv, no porn in the house. In all instances, it's best to ignore him.


Mushy said...

The wife loved Justice and I hated it...what can we learn from this?

If everyone would just stay naked and at least half drunk (not too drunk to perform) they would get along so much better - whether married or not!

Goddess said...

From that we've learned that you have good taste in tv shows;)