Saturday, September 23, 2006

with arms wide open

I telephoned the garage that has our Kia Sephia and told the dude that if he kept the car any longer he was
responsible for next's months car insurance bill. They've had that sucker for two full weeks and are no closer to getting a
gas tank on it. First the garage dude was too busy, then he went home sick, then he ordered a gas tank but it was the wrong size,
now he says he needs to replace the gas line, too, and that's what he's waiting on. My guess is this dude's single cuz he can't even commit to one damn excuse.

Awww, damn. I actually felt sorry for Paul Aronsohn when Stephen Colbert interviewed (flustered?) him.
He's hott, and if that's not reason enough to vote him into Congress, New Jersey, I don't know what is.
Remember that, Alex!!
Besides, he sure beats the pants off the lying dude they used to have.

The other day I was driving home from work and I saw a sign that said, "Free Pet Therapy." Well, I'm sure you can imagine how happy that made me.
I came home, got Holly and several of the offspring to handle her and we jumped into the Rio and made our way to pet therapy.
We went right to the registration table and the lady said, "Welcome to pet therapy. Would you like to register your dog?"
I said, "Yayaya, forget all that. Just point me in the direction of the dog psychiatrist."
"The what?"
"Do I have to stay and listen in on her therapy sessions or will the doctor just strap her to the doggie couch? Can he give her doggie Ativan?"
"I think you have the wrong idea about pet therapy. Pet therapy is where we take well behaved dogs into hospitals and elder care homes to interact with the--"
"So there's no dog psychiatrist to tell me why my dog is psycho?"
"Then I'd like to sign her up to be a therapy dog."
"Ma'am, the therapy dogs have to be trained and well behaved."
"Oh, she is well behaved."
"You said she was psycho."
"Nono, I said she was 'psychic'. Didn't I, kids?"
"Mom, you said she was 'psycho'."
Thus begins another chapter in the book of How My Kids Have Ruined My Life.

I love that Vonage commercial where the chubby nerdy guy breaks up with the hot chick. Too funny.

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Anonymous said...

Lol...your posts generally make me laugh, but this one in particular with the "Pet Therapy" and also the child's idea of good dishes! Thank you :)