Sunday, September 03, 2006

through this world i've stumbled so many times betrayed

Male Offspring #5 is BEGGING me to drive him to Ohio to see this.

Instead I think I'll let him go out on the bus, then
have him casually "drop in" at Bugs' place claiming he lost his wallet and needs a place to stay overnight. And moola for the bus ride back.
(Oh, she'll give it to him, trust me. Five minutes of listening to him "rap" Bible verses and she'll be more than willing to hand over money to get rid of him.)
Damn. Hope she doesn't read this for a few days or my "free hotel" scheme will be kaput.
Male Offspring #5 has been begging and pleading to see this,
and apparently my perfectly logical, "honey, if you've seen one big cement Jesus coming out of the ground, you've seen them all" excuse is falling on deaf ears.

Ya know, I've pondered this many times and I still can't figure out how Male Offspring #5's father's satanic spermazoa mixed with my deviled eggs has produced a Jebus freak?? I would have thought a Judas/Doubting Thomas combo, if anything.

BTW, it probably took all of about five minutes after erecting a ..*cough cough* ..monument
like this, for some one to pull this cheesy stunt.

Poor Ben Roethleisberger can't catch a break. Now he's been sidelined due to an emergency appendectomy.


Mushy said...

Help me! I've fallen and I can't get up.


Goddess said...

Admit it, Mushy. You only added "sorry" because you were afraid of getting struck by lightening;)

Ron Southern said...

Mushy is a true believer. I believe that he is. But I have no certitude aboout it because he makes these weird jokes. Lightning may well be a problem for him somewhere down the line!

Mushy said...

Satan is the prince of the power of the air, the prince of this world - it is for him that I must keep a watchful eye.